Hilarious commonalities between period and pregnancy symptoms

  1. Hi all! So for the past week my boobs have been super sore and also huuuge! (for me at least) the past two days i've had cramping like period cramping, but no period, which if it's coming should be here sometime this week...I'm really bad at keeping track. :angel: I also had to take naps on the weekend and I'm er, a little gassy. :shame:

    Isn't it hilarious how all these things are also signs of getting your period! I'm just trying to wait this week out to see if I am... because...I ALWAYS think I am, and then I'm not. but all those other times I never had symptoms like this. *sigh* My husband now laughs and rolls his eyes at me, that's how often I tell him I think I'm pregnant. haha

    I just wanna know!
  2. I'm hating this right now! I'm experiencing a lot of pre-pregnancy & period symptoms too rofl.

    But I'm praying that I'm not pregnant!!!!!!
  3. ^ hahaha I'll be happy if I am, but I can understand as you just had a baby. :smile: I get my period the same time as two of my friends, and they both have it, I do not. Hmmm... isn't it maddening having the same symptoms?!!
  4. Many symptoms are said to be similar!!

    I hope you are!! You sound excited to be if you are!!
  5. Thanks Megs! (read my other thread) I'm very excited right now! :smile: