HILARIOUS ashlee simpson & chinese man photo!

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  1. For some reason I can't stop laughing ...:roflmfao:
  2. W T ....
  3. :wtf:
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. :wtf: :Push: :throwup:
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :lol:
  7. That is sooo wrong...Goldmember anyone??:upsidedown: :throwup:
  8. hehe....I find the chinese man endearing....
  9. Rule #1 -- Don't wear speedos
    Rule #2 - If you choose to ignore rule #1, make sure you look like Becks
    Rule #3 - For those ignoring Rules #1 and 2, please, please please make sure it fits! :wtf:
  10. OMG!!! that's too funny... and the fact that i'm chinese didn't make it less funny :roflmfao:
  11. :nuts:
  12. Lol..wt??
  13. Omg!!
  14. Yuk...Is that her bikini bottoms??
  15. that is totally weird...
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