Hilarious Anya Hindmarch Fakes

  1. :wtf:, :yucky: and :throwup:
  2. :hs:

    nuff said, KWIM?
  3. All I can say is wow.:tdown:
  4. Have you seen the other side? It says "but I'm fake!" :roflmfao:
  5. You made me laugh out loud!!!
  6. LOL...that whole site is a barrel of laughs. Some of the crappiest fakes of any type that I've seen!
  7. that funny. i found another site that makes fun of the original ones. i have one of the AH bags and I ordered the third from left one. :smile: http://www.astupidbag.com/
  8. Thanks for the laugh!

    I might have to get I'm just a bag!
  9. That made me laugh out loud, FemBot!
  10. A girl at a local coffee place was chatting with me the day I got my AH at Whole Foods - she said she saw a bag that looked virtually identical and said "I'm SO a Plastic Bag...and 100% RECYCLABLE". Thought those were funny.
  11. There was another parody bag that said something like, "I'm NOT a smug tw*t" on it. I thought that was hilarious. It sort of reminds me of that episode of South Park where everyone was being smug, because they were driving hybrids.
  12. ^^^"good for youuuuuu"