Hijacked Accounts - PLEASE READ if you have been a victim of a stolen account buyer!

  1. I think Bag Angel mentioned this in another thread but in case you missed it.............

    I had three auctions ended by "buyers" using hijacked/stolen accounts. eBay cancelled the transactions and immediately refunded me my listing fees BUT DID NOT REFUND ME FINAL VALUE FEES despite saying they had done so in their standard email. I have just double-checked my invoice and sure enough, no refunds of the Final Value Fees :rant: On my three auctions that amounts to over £70! (140 USD)! :push:

    Please check your invoices and make sure you have been refunded.

    I am calling or emailing eBay tomorrow to make sure I get a refund :lecture:

    Just wanted you to be aware :flowers:
  2. I always have to call to get my final value fees refunded. It should be done automatically and some people probably never even think to check their accounts. eBay probably makes a fortune from this discrepancy.
  3. I had to e-mail them also to get my final value fees back
  4. Me too! They automatically refunded the listing fees, however I had to email them for the final value fees.
  5. Ebay is getting more and more pathetic!! They are so greedy IMO with these fees:cursing:. It should be automatic that they credit the final value fees. It is true they are probably making a fortune from people who forget to check this!!! These scammers not only cause us grief, time and lost funds but make money for ebay!!! Uggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  6. ^ITA. I'm almost thinking it's a conspiracy. The same thing happened to me and I was particularly busy at the time so I didn't check that I'd been correctly refunded. It was a lot of money too! Luckily I checked a few days later and emailed them to rectify their mistake :rolleyes: sometimes I really hate ebay. To everyone, please make sure that you don't lose your money unnecessarily to the rapacious maw of ebay!
  7. gosh ebay really is dodgy arent they. You would automatically believe them when they say the fees have been refunded.
    Absolute sharks, well done Sarah for being so wise to it. I am not sure I would have been so quickly :sad: