Highrise Pebbled Borough - Reveal

  1. I love the look of the Borough collection, but I found the medium satchel a bit too big and the mini a bit too small. This shoulder bag version is PERFECT! The style # is 30472 and the price is $358. It's unique because the strap is vachetta and it's adjustable to use cross-body or as a shoulder bag.

    I am in love :love:
  2. More pics
    hb4.jpg hb7.jpg hb2.jpg hb6.jpg
  3. Mods
    hb3.jpg hb5.jpg
  4. Congrats - looks so very nice on you!!!!
  5. Nice! I didn't even know this bag existed! Thanks for the reveal and all of the awesome pics! You look great!
  6. Thank you for your reveal and mod shots. This looks great and is a nice option to have in size, function and price to the regular borough. Do you happen to know the dimensions? It looks as though there is one top zip and then when you open the bag there is a middle zippered section? Did they mention any other colors will be available?
    It looks great on you!
  7. This bag is gorgeous and looks great on you! I've been waiting to see one..thanks so much for posting pics! Enjoy.
  8. congrats!! that's a great looking bag and you wear it well! love the vachetta!
  9. Love this, thanks for sharing!
  10. Thank you ladies :biggrin:
  11. Ohmygoodness. I love this! Is yours black with gold? Is it smaller than the medium Borough?
  12. Yes, there is one top zip and then the inside has a middle zippered section. They don't have any other color info yet - I am hoping for the Washed Chambray. I just measured it myself and it's approx 11W x 8.5H x 2.5D.
  13. Yes, black with gold and it is smaller than the medium satchel. According to my measurements it's 11W x 8.5H x 2.5D.
  14. Love the look of this borough. It looks great on you and thanks for all the pics, Congrats!!!!!
  15. The mod shots sold me on this bag!!