Highly agitated (kinda long!)


LV warms the cockles
Jan 28, 2007
Jersey City, NJ
So some of you may know (from my other posts!) that my sister bought me a pochette wallet...well i was looking at it and it's kinda...scratched on the side? and the inside zipper pocket is kinda...warped! I mean really, the things i'm talking about aren't too big of a deal, but considering it's a $500 wallet, I feel it should be flawless.

Anyway she ordered it from Sak's (there is no LV near her) and had it shipped to me. So today I go to my local Sak's and the girl was really rude to me. She had this snotty attitude and was basically looking at me as though I was trying to exchange a fake one for a real one. She claimed they couldn't look any transactions up, and I tried to explain to her that they shipped the receipt to my sister and didn't send me a gift receipt. I even offered to bring in the FedEx box with the shipper/slip.

She went and spoke to the manager and came back and goes "Well there's nothing I can do about it. And my manager said (scoff) there's nothing wrong with this wallet." (yes, she SCOFFED)

FIRST of all, (please, no offense to anyone out there) you work at LV, you don't OWN it...I wouldn't be acting all high and mighty. Second of all, I am a customer that is not pleased with a product. There SHOULD be something you can do about it. LASTLY, I don't believe for one second they can't look things up. She said "well go back to whoever bought it for you and get a receipt." I explained I really didn't want my sister knowing I want to switch it out.

I would've fought harder but honestly I was tired of being looked at like some low-class theif. And I was tired of her talking to me as if she really doesn't give a crap about solving my problem.

Does anyone else get this kind of service? This was the Sak's in New York, which I abhor going to because of the attitude, but didn't have a choice since that's where it was purchased.

Thanks for listening to my looong rant!! I feel better now!!


Jan 27, 2008
I've never had a problem with trying to return anything as I have yet to actually have to do it.

I did, however, get laughed at by a SA at LV in Orlando when I was there to buy my Tivoli PM. It was my first LV, and since they were new I had heard many tPFer's warnings about symmetry and glazing, so I had the NICE SA that was helping me bring out several for me to look at, and explained to her why I wanted to see so many of them and when I said it the other SA standing nearby watching actually laughed at me! My SA was very helpful but I still felt kind of insulted. I also went back later that day to get the pochette wallet and realized after I got it home that the zipper pull is kind of scuffed up but it's barely noticeable and I live 2 hours from the store so I didn't bother to return it. (Off topic, but I did call them though and they told me how to try to polish it myself and if I wasn't able to I could bring it back for an exchange.)

Sorry you had such a horrible experience! I don't understand why some SAs (like the one at Saks and the rude one I ran into in Orlando) think they can treat people like that! :cursing:
Jan 12, 2008
Southern Cali
I totally agreed. When SAs acted snobby and all that, they have forgotten that they worked for LV and DO NOT own the company. It's their JOB to please customers, not to insult them. I am sorry for your bad experience.


Aug 13, 2007
I hate to hear all these bad experiences with louis vuitton SAs. I'm so glad I haven't got one because I'm the one that will tell them to their face that they're not doing their job & if they don't like it they can find another one. I hate when you get rude people in retail! SAs should be happy to be working at louis vuitton, they're probably making more money than most retail workers.


Jan 14, 2008
wow.. I'm so sorry to hear about the horrible experience. You're not alone.. my friend and I went in over the weekend to look at the Gallaria (spelling) at Macy's MPLS and basically was ignored/laughed at/looked down...and more by this one SA. We had problem with her before and I really don't know what her deal is! I think she had this mind set that we couldn't afford LV or something (we didn't take our purses with us). We just kinda laughed it off and my friend ended up with Mono Griet home instead. With the whole bad experience, I found a new SA who is absolutely wonderful :smile: