Highlights from Paris & Giverny

  1. Arrived back home after 8 days in Paris; had a lovely time. I wound up bringing only the 28cm Retourne Kelly which turned out to be the perfect bag for me while traveling as I picked up a medium Pliages at Longchamp there and used that when we had day-long excursions at Versailles and Giverny. Since the main point of the trip was to show the highlights of Paris to my mom, only a tiny fraction of our itinerary included visits to Hermes, but they were fruitful.

    I'll start with the highlights from Hermes first:

    Heathrow Hermes
    They actually have a nice selection of scarves, Garden Partys, canvas bags, etc. They had quite a bit of past season scarves.

    Xquisite's earlier comments about FSH were spot on. All the SAs are lovely so one shouldn't feel as if you need to find a particular SA to work with. I headed first to the scarf counter to check out the stock. I came to the realization that for scarf hunters, FSH is probably not one of the better places to look for older patterns just due to the sheer amount of traffic the store gets. I inquired about an older pattern and the SA told me that even if something older gets returned, it usually gets snapped up immediately.

    As luck would have it, I had the chance to work with an amazingly knowledgeable SA who has been at FSH for over 20 years. It was wonderful just to get their perspective on the newer H items. And yes, I did purchase something....more on that later. HG, also got to see the La Selle Hermes in peau porc--very lovely book! Display only unfortunately.

    As xquisite had mentioned previously, if you're looking for a Kelly, FSH is the place to be; as I was more focused on the Kelly, I was in heaven. Although just a few were displayed, it is best to inquire about a style or size and they can check the inventory for you. Re: Birkins, when I visited, I was shown a 30cm Birkin, but the leather and color were not for me so I passed on it.

    Swift is definitely the leather du jour as there was lots of it. There were a few Lindys on the shelves; Brighton Blue, Chartreuse, and a Toile combination and a variety of other bags. If you are interested in something specific, the best thing to do would be to inquire about it as they may have it stored elsewhere.

    George V
    Such a charming storefront, and although small, had a very nice inventory of Kellys....including a 32cm Sellier CDC Vert Anis Kelly with brown stitching, Etoupe and BJ Swift Kellys. George V also had the most extensive collection of Hermes hats I've ever seen in a store. Saw the new Passage de Tokyo mousselines there, which FSH didn't have.

    Wildlife sightings:
    I saw a 35cm Black Porosus on a customer in FSH, absolutely stunning, and not too glaring as I thought it would be in a 35cm. Also spotted a few 35s in black and brown and a 30cm in what looked like Havanne swift.

    In general, I saw a lot of Longchamp Pliages being carried around in various sizes. I loved the fact that the Hermes Kellys I saw on women looked as if they were well-loved and used, and they were casually carried with the flap on the turnkey and straps dangling. Most were worn on the shoulder using the shoulder strap.

    Here are some photos of the windows which haven't changed much since they were last posted on TPF. The green color of the bags in the windows is definitely not Vert Anis. Looks identical to the discontinued Vert Cru to me, so I'm not sure if they are just display models only or what.

    Onto Giverny in the next post...
    CIMG3071.jpg CIMG3080.jpg CIMG3079.jpg CIMG3081.jpg CIMG3082.jpg
  2. Since my first visit to France over ten years ago did not include a trip to Giverny and my mother is an avid gardener, Giverny was a must. As the weather in Paris was warm and sunny while we were there, we had a lovely time in Giverny as well, and I also had a big H-surprise when I entered the souvenir shop. Tucked away in a glass case were the silk carres of Giverny and the PM mousselines of Giverny in rose and blue. I had picked up the PM mousseline in yellow in Paris but was told it was sold out in the rose colorway, so was absolutely thrilled to find it at Giverny...and how appropriate eh?

    Here are some photos of the Japanese Garden, the garden, and tulips in bloom at Giverny, and the marine/lavande Giverny in the silk carre and the PM mousseline in rose.
    CIMG3127.jpg CIMG3168.jpg CIMG3158.jpg CIMG3354.jpg CIMG3362.jpg
  3. The yellow Giverny PM mousseline:
  4. Orchids! This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear what you got! I love these write ups. Very entertaining for one who has yet to venture across the Atlantic! Thank you so much!
  5. Oh my...O...this was a real treat to read. I thank you so much!
  6. Sooooo beautiful, Orchids!
  7. A few other notes about FSH:

    As has been mentioned before, Chevre de Coromandel is very limited at the moment; they are doing it in smaller pieces. Saw a glorious 1923 Web 31cm Bolide in Cocoan CDC--absolutely gorgeous color in Chevre.

    Crocodile Porosus is also in limited supply, although Nilo seems to be more readily available. Quite a vast price difference between the Nilo and Poro-with Poro being about 2K Euro more than Nilo in a 32cm Sellier. And to clear up the air now, no I did not come away with an exotic. :smile:

    Before I left, I pored over the amazing Paris threads that had been previously posted on TPF; thanks to those ladies that contributed to those threads and those that took the time to PM me with some incredibly helpful information, I thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

    At La Tour D'Argent and Pierre Gagnaire, a little purse stool was made available for my Kelly. I found this quite amusing actually.

    Some other highlights:

    The Eiffel Tower at night
    Art as food at Pierre Gagnaire
    Macarons at Laduree--(caramel, grenadine, and vanilla were favorite flavors) btw, avoid the Champs Elyssee location if you can, and don't go for breakfast--not very remarkable IMO.

    More photos to come....
    CIMG3319.jpg CIMG3178.jpg CIMG3055.jpg CIMG3041.jpg CIMG3267.jpg
  8. I'm so happy to see you've returned and had a wonderful trip! You were missed!! Can't wait for more - the pics are gorgeous...
  9. Lunch and an amazing mille-feuille framboise at Taillevent
    Frog legs at Le Grand Colbert
    View from the Eiffel Tower
    CIMG3258.jpg CIMG3265.jpg CIMG3256.jpg CIMG3339.jpg
  10. Welcome back, orchids! So lovely of you to share! More please! :heart:
  11. How wonderful! :yahoo: Thankyou for the descriptions and pics...I feel like I was almost there! :nuts:
  12. Other highlights:

    A mother duck and her ducklings (all 10 of them!) near the Jardin Tulieres. They created quite a scene and stopped surrounding foot traffic, as we all stopped to watch their progress across the grounds--the poor little ducklings had a heck of a time making it down the steps.

    A street march on Labor Day (May Day)

    Muguet de bois (Lily of the Valley) which was being sold everywhere in Paris on May Day; apparently it is the only day that such sellers are exempt from being taxed for selling flowers on the street. Laduree even had a Muguet de bois macaron in honor of May Day.

    The Vol Amoureux Mousseline PM in Turquoise--fell in love with this one at FSH and couldn't resist
    CIMG3063.jpg CIMG3275.jpg CIMG3302.jpg CIMG3342.jpg
  13. The George V storefront:
  14. Orchids, thank you! I'm so homesick for Paris!!

    Now.....I know you got a bag...can't wait to see!
  15. Orchids- your trip sounds amazing and your pics are breathtaking!! I am going in july and reading this thread is making me jump up and down in anticipation!!! I am excited to hear that FSH is flush with kellys! Hope it stays that way.....and are those the macaroons in your pic? I've never had one but they are making me drool!!!