Highlights for Black Hair

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  1. My hair is naturally very long and very dark brown/black. I actually love the dark color (used to get it bleached, which looking back, always looked terrible on me).

    In any case, I'd left it "natural" and super dark for well over 3 years now... and I'm starting to get very bored with it. I'd like to get some highlights, but I have yet to see highlights that look natural/blend well with black hair, so I'm at a loss.

    Any ideas, girls? Thanks so much. :smile:
  2. I have the same brown/black color, and I was really happy with a coppery brown streak. (kind of like the color on the dog in your signature actually!) On me it has to be a warm color...anything ashy looked green on me, I don't know if you're the same way...
  3. ^Agree. I've seen some darker-haired ladies with coppery highlights, and I've always thought it looked great!
  4. I like caramel highlights with dark hair. Do you have to strip/bleach the hair first (hi-lighted area)? My daughter has dark hair and nothing really shows up that well.
  5. When I got my hair highlighted back in the day, I did have to have it bleached first then dyed/toned.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, ladies! I think I'm leaning toward the caramel tones, sort of like Fergie has in this pic:


    I really like what Kate Beckinsale has going on here...


    ... but I don't know if that'll work with my super dark color; her base is lighter than mine there.

    Also, there's the damage from stripping it... ahhh, I don't know, I'm starting to change my mind altogether... :hrmm:
  7. i always think it looks a bit dull compared to glossy black?
  8. I don't know if you're looking into more non-traditional colors, but I had my hair dyed dark purple before. Not like what Katy Perry has going on currently, but it was basically black but it reflected dark eggplant purple in the sunlight. It wasn't ostentatious and it looked natural since I'm Asian so my hair was naturally black anyway. It kind of looked like the Feria midnight violet but darker because it looked black under normal indoor lighting.

    I think it's really hard for very dark haired girls to pull off any color in their hair without it looking somewhat natural. That was the only time I really colored my hair and I really liked it because it looked natural, but had an unexpected surprise color at the same time and only in bright daylight. I kind of miss it and want to dye it the same again!
  9. ^ Love the thought of a purple colour!
  10. I had a very dark teal once, unfortunately not good for work.

    I don't think the caramel will look good at all, sorry. I agree it will look dull. Kate Beckinsale does not have a strand of hair that is even close to black, and I think the range of tones is already pushing it.

    The only semi-natural color I can imagine working well with black is a very dark, warm red in thin streaks.
  11. you can go 3-4 shades lighter without having to bleach it... I would maybe add some caramel two different shades .. just to give it some contrast, only on top/few on the sides.. unless of course you want a lot.
  12. What about trying the ombre trend? My hair is quite dark (not as dark as yours) & I've had some subtle highlighted streaks put in to give a soft ombre look. Funny but I google lots of pic of Kate Beckinsales hair to show the hairdresser.

    I like the change because I too was bored with my hair. Although my husband adores long dair hair & can't wait for me to change it back. I always admire women with very dark long hair.
  13. My hair is the same as yours. Last fall my hairdresser mixed a black & a purple that was really pretty. It was dark but added a different dimension to it because it wasny just black Right now I have caramel highlights and Ive had them since early summer. I will keep them probably through winter. Its really the only color that looks good other than doing something drastic & damaging.