Highlighted or bookmarked threads that we've replied in...

  1. Hello!...

    I am just wondering if we would be able to get some sort of "bookmarking" or "highlight" for every thread that we reply in....?

    there are so many threads that people randomly reply and and we sometimes for get which ones we started conversations and we just let it pass by.

    Iknow for other forums that I am on, If i started a thread or replied to one- it would highlight in Orange (but only my account can see it) and so I can come back and continue conversation on the ones i've started.

    Just an idea to help make the site more efficient!!

    Thanks for reading!!
  2. I just find one of my posts, click on Find More Posts By Prada Psycho and click that. If there is an open envelope in the list of posts, I click that, click View first unread and there you are. Might seem a bit complicated, but I can zip through it in no time. It's the only way I can find without cluttering up my email with notices by using the notification button when I post a reply.
  3. If I understand you question correctly, I think there is already something like that. To the left of the thread name, there are the envelopes, some are red/orange, purple, etc. If there is an arrow on the envelope, that means that you replied in that thread.