Highlight Fears

  1. The lady that cut and highlighted my hair has had to retire due to severe ill health and so I've got to start going to where my BFF goes. My BFF actually cuts my hair....

    Anyway, I have this really dirty blonde hair naturally. I was born BLONDE! Actually I was born bald and didn't have any hair till I was 3. When it finally came in I was like Jean Harlow blonde. And then it started darkening and one morning when I was 11 I woke up and my Native American roots had caught up with me and my hair was almost black. So I went and had it highlighted and now when it grows out I can't tell where my highlights stop and my real hair color actually begins.

    But, because I'm all "growd" up now, starting college, starting my first job, I want to look more pulled together. (my posts about acrylic nails, anyone?)

    So I'm going to my BFF's place where she gets hers colored and I'm going to have her girl work on my head and I'm TERRIFIED! When my Dad finally said ok to my getting highlights he told my hairstylist that it had better look natural or else....or else what I don't exactly remember. I've wanted to go blonder but he would never let me. (Now because of how sick he is he's never awake to notice.) So when I go I'm going for blonde all over.

    I have a tiny amount of Red in my hair, it's the Irish in me, and I've always wanted red lowlights, but I'm not gonna do that the first time around with this new girl.

    Now, before, when I would get my hair highlighted my stylist would pull it through the plastic bag cap....I think at the new place they use the foils and I've never had that done before, what should I expect there? How long does it have to sit before they can wash it out? I'm gonna see if I can get my BFF to go with me since my Mom has to stay with my Dad full time now but I don't think she'll get to come...anyway, as you can tell I'm nervous as all get out.

    I guess I should bring like a book or a magazine or something, right?

    I know what I'm gonna say. I'm gonna walk in..."Hi, I'm Missy. Are you Dickie? (yeah, that's her name!) Well hey there, I'm Amanda's friend. My Mom made the appointment for me....yeah! That's me." Haha....I'm a dweeb.

    Ok, so this is my color as of this moment....excuse my Brad Pitt pic in the background...(my bathroom is covered with pics of old hollywood stars and the company we ordered them from accidently sent Brad along with Clark Gable...and because the pic is from LEGENDS OF THE FALL I decided to keep it, since it's my fav flick!)


    Me with my nearly natural (all but the ends) hair color and my new cut that my BFF gave me....

    My hair before my cut. That's all natural curl too.
  2. Your BF gave you a great cut!! It really complements the shape of your face. My BF had a similar situation in which her cousin cut her hair and she HATED it. She didn't want to offend her cousin so she continued to go there, but was miserable each time she would get done. On the other hand, I go to the salon I work at and they do an amazing job. I've been going there since I was little and I swear if my stylists ever stops working there I'll shrivel up into a hole and die. She's the only one who knows how to handle my hair (thick, wavy, coarse..and I'd also get a ton of complicated hilights that I didn't trust anybody to do). Now I just get all over color since I opted for brunette but I know how frustrating it is to have somebody new screw around with your hair! It's SCARY!

    But anyway, to make a long story short...my friend decided to go to my girl. And ever since then, her whole family has been going. We've generated more business for that salon that they should start paying me commision along with my paycheck every week.

    If you want blonde hilights, they're going to do foils on you. Don't stress!! Depending on how dark your hair is, that's how long you'll have to sit (whether they stick you under a dryer or not...I'm not sure). I love foils, they're quick and easy. If you're saying you want to be fully blonde though, are you also opting for all over color along with your hilights? If that's the case then they'll also just brush some color over your hair in between each foil. That HURTS. I didnt think it would hurt as much when I went back to brunette but man that color stings. With bleach it hurts more, but it's nothing unbearable so don't fret.

    You'll look great in the end, I can't wait to see what it looks like!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Missy, your cut is very pretty. It does make you look older (not in a bad way but grown up--which is what you want). I also like your color a lot. I have had everything done to my hair. I liked getting foil highlights the best when my hair is longer. I think you could probably ask them to do a few different color blond highlights. You don't want a flat blond color on your whold head, that can make a person look so washed out not to mention how trashy it looks with dark roots. My sister has 3 color blond and also light brown highlights done. Her hair is a few inches below shoulder and it looks great. It took awhile for her to finally get the stylist to do the right colors because at first it was just a platinum blond with a lowlights in brown that you couldn't really notice. I myself am going to get a cap frosting this month because I had to have my hair cut short due to a mess up with the cut......and the frosting will look so much better than foil for me now. I think if you find any pictures that you can show the stylist that will help and also tell her you feel your hair will pick up red so she knows that is not what you want. I am sure she knows what she is doing. It varies how long the foils will have to stay on. I have had my foils on for 20 minutes and longer. I think it also depends on the volume of peroxide they use in the bleach with the highlights. Please post a after picture and let us all know how happy you are with your new color.
    I am still praying for your family and Dad. I know how hard this is on you Missy. Stay strong, know you are loved and not alone.
  5. Yeah, this is a really hard time for me, you've got that right. I don't want to start school and work right now. I don't want to not see him all day, even if he is asleep on the couch all day. So I consider my hair day (which has turned into hair AND nails day with my BFF, hopefully) is my pampering. If I didn't need the money for the new car, the gas for the old car and the constant music lessons, I wouldn't get a job at all....I wanted to not go to school this semester, but Daddy told me that I needed to go ahead and start.

    I am SOOO looking forward to Thursday....I haven't had someone scrub my head out in so long....and I've never been to this place before, but Mama's been there twice and thinks it's great. This will be the first time I've gone that she hasn't been there with me....it's like "you're a grown up now Missy..." and I'm ok with that.
  6. I remember when I started going to the salon by myself for the first time. I was scared out of my mind that I wouldn't have enough money or would somehow forget to tip the shampoo girl and the stylist (I'm a big tipper, especially since *I* am a shampoo girl myself and hate it when people don't tip, whether it be me or the stylist). I was 13 though, and my mom would have to work so she'd drop me off and then my grandmother would come pick me up when I was finished. Once I started driving it was no biggie because I could just go there whenever I wanted. Lately my BFF has been coming with me and vice versa...we like to keep each other company. However, she is more of a tomboy and it's taken me a while to get her to do girly stuff with me! Now we do hair, nails, make up--everything! It's great!! LOL