Highest Heels

  1. What you girls think of this huge shoes? They kinda look striper-ish and on top the price is around 150.... pleasee:tdown:

  2. uhm... no. besides that I don't like the style, this wood is not even finished. they would look like crap if you got them wet or something, and possible rot or warp.
  3. nay for me. sorry.
  4. No. no. not for me.
  5. Pass.
  6. Maybe in a display case in an art school

    or in the garden next to a water feature
  7. never.
  8. WTF :wtf:
  9. As a piece of artwork I quite like it. Actually to wear it defo not.
  10. terrifying
  11. Noooooooooooo
  12. I don't like that wood. It's so pale. o_o

    I don't have a problem w/ stripperish shoes (or wooden heels w/ decorations! last winter Miu Miu ones looked awesome), but these are weird and somewhat tacky. Maybe the last pair isn't that ugly, tho I can't imagine anyone wearing them.
  13. Weird sandals........... for a $150??????????

  14. The last pair isen't that bad, definetly not stripperish (what are stripper shoes anyways? O.o), more like traditional japanese style. The other two don't look so good though, even though the woodwork may be pretty good.
  15. Actually, they are dancer (exotic) shoes. I used to work at a club and wood shoes like that were hot. I even had a pair but the wood was black and the upper part was leather.