Higher the Demand, Higher the Cost for everyone

  1. I think everyone knows...higher demand for Lv, higher the price!:crybaby:At this rate, only the super rich or celebrities will be able to afford it!
  2. I think some things are quite expensive...but many monogram and damier pieces are in the *not terrible* range. lol
  3. Tryloving Chanel...LV is downright reasonable in comparison.
  4. yes both comments are true...but its hard spending 1000 on something I paid for barely 500 5 years back!
  5. ITA! Its not like you can get LV on sale. Even H, Chanel, Bal, MJ, Fendi, YSL, BV, Coach, Gucci, Prada (the list goes on) go on sale in one way or another.
  6. I agree! Although I think that Chanel use lambskin etc so the cost is more justified. Whereas LV, it's canvas (for the majority) which makes it cheaper than brands like Chanel or Hermes.
  7. i agree. a couple years ago, the speedy cost about $350, now it's 650! at this rate of inflation an LV wallet will cost me $100,000 by the time i'm a senior citizen!
  8. Tiffanys is doing the same thing. Less of supply/demand and more about keeping the cache of the brand. They were tired of seeing every 12 year old in the mall with the Tiffany necklace, so they bumped the prices.

    I wouldn't be surprised if LV was raising prices on the mono/damier to try to avoid being the next Coach/Dooney.
  9. LOL! So true!!
  10. That is true of the new items - people buy them at the store and then sell them at a marked up price on eBay.
  11. It's a Luxury brand after all. :yes:
  12. it's a love/hate relationship for me. as much as i hate price increases (i need to make more $$$!), it did help when i needed to sell my alma and PTI - i made like a 80% return on my wallet after using it for 3-4 yrs cuz it's gone up $100 since i purchased it! i guess it's just the way things go, and i use it as my excuse for making more purchases now... "honey, i have to buy it quick before the price increases!":graucho:
  13. My thoughts exactly.
  14. In exactly what year did the speedy cost only $350? Does this mean that the pochette was $185? That is so much more reasonable!:wtf:
  15. lol

    LV...everything...the $ is going up up up

    a Tic Tac 20 years ago...cost 20 cents...($00.20)

    10 years ago...$00.40...



    lol...LV too...



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