Higher resale value - Black GST or Medium lambskin classic flap?

  1. I did a search but couldn't find anything on this topic. I was wondering, what do you ladies think would have a higher resale value - black GST or black medium lambskin classic flap (both would be with silver hardware)?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. i think the flap might be
  3. The flap prices have been going up faster haven't they?
  4. I think the flap might be because it's classic.
  5. The same. The flap has a lower retail price but it retains its price higher. The GST has a higher price but its resale is a bit lower so it averages about the same resale value from what I have seen.
  6. If all things are equal (the condition of both bags is the same), I'd say the flap. :smile: Flaps are always in demand, and the ever increasing prices only help the seller (but harm us buyers, ahh)! :sad:
  7. yes, I would go with the flap too, becos it's a classic, everyone would love to own one.
  8. I'd say the flap since it resembles more the original design Coco C has made!:smile:
  9. I'd vote for the flap too.
    Whats the current pre price increase of the lambskin - I believe caviar is 1995.00 right now - isn't that higher than the GST?
  10. ^Yeah, the lambskin flap is more expensive than the GST. :yes:

    I would say assuming both were in excellent condition, the flap would have the higher resale value.
  11. Yes flap bag too. The classic flap bag has gone up a lot as compared to last yr.
  12. Flap has a higher resale value. Retail prices are increasing as I write --another 15-22 percent for flap styles.
  13. I also say the flap. The prices keep increasing, and they seem even more popular then ever.
  14. Given the new flap increase, I'd have to change my vote to Flap (as opposed to even).
  15. Before price increase, the med. flap is $1995, the GST is $1895. The price increase is already in effect for the flap at Saks, so definitely the flap will retain value longer. There might be an increase for the GST. Different SA's at Saks could not say definitively.