High winds and damage

  1. Look what high winds yesterday did to my neighbors house
    I copied these too big so I post the links




    I am super bummed about it, however my insurance company considers it an "act of god" and I am not liable but I do have to cover what part of the tree is on my yard which is really the roots. The people that live there are renters so I am not sure if the landlord has insurance on the house and what is going to happen I left them my insurance adjusters name and phone but they havn't said a word to me or my dh.

    The news said the winds were 70 to 50 mph yesterday and will continue on until noon today!

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. Wow!!! I really do hope that everyone is okay
  3. Wow!!! I really do hope that everyone is okay
  4. Sorry you lost your tree but your neighbor got the worst end of the deal:sad: .The wind can be a PITA,my neighborhood has been with out power for the last 24hours,thank goodness I used my head an purchased a generator large enough to power my entire home.

    If the homeowner has insurance it should cover his damage.
  5. The wind yesterday knocked over multiple huge trees on my campus, one blocking the main road, all the way across an iron fence, two lanes of road and an island, and landed on a van with two elderly people inside. Luckily the were okay, but I was amazed wind on a sunny day could do that much damage.
  6. I'd read your policy just to confirm. I know there is a separate rider for wind damage on most policies, so you really might be out of luck, but check just to make sure. A lot of insurance policies certainly won't point that out so they don't have to pay any damages.
  7. I had a large tree in my front yard that was just awful and half dead, I had that removed a few years ago. The was another tree in my neighbors yard that was also dying and losing branches every time there was a storm. I had that one removed last month. I even paid for it, just to have the peace of mind.
  8. I am very sorry for those who suffered serious damage. We were very lucky, only a climbing rose bower in urgent need of some emergency engineering!
  9. wow..so sorry..I was in an airplane comin home from Aruba.....I literally rode in these winds..LMAO..NOT FUN.....it was a rollercoaster ride....
    Hope it all gets cleaned up.....good luck..Thinkin of u guys.
  10. I'm in Northern Va and the winds were terrible. They are still strong today but have tapered off a lot. In our area we didn't suffer any wind damage at all. We didn't put the trash out because of the wind. Many of our neighbors didn't either. I'm sure the trash would have been all over the place. We have one of those long driveways far from the road and it would have been a hassle running trying to get trash..we can't see it from the house anyway....

    So sorry this happened to you and your neighbor..but it could have been worse. Thanks heavens no one was hurt!
  11. I would have died. I flew in bad turbulence once and when I got off the plane I called my husband to tell him that I didn't think I could get on the plane home....LOL. I considered renting a car to drive.....LOL. I was so terrified...that was a long while ago....lol. I ended continuing on my flight home and it was fine..thank heavens...lol.

  12. We did put our trash out yesterday & I was VERY surprised to find pieces of our siding, attic fan, gutters & shingles while I was picking up the trash.

    The only good news is that we were planning on replacing the siding and gutters after we finish some other renovations, so it is just changing our timetable a little, not causing a huge unplanned for expense.
  13. ugh, that sucks. we got hit by that same storm on Friday night and had a broken window from hail. fortunately it's only a few hundred dollars to fix, less than my insurance deductible, but it's still a pita. I hope everything works out for you and I'm so glad the damage was not worse, that's a big ole tree!!! :yes:
  14. We got lucky at my place this time. The only "damage" was that the wind must have literally picked up our roll out garbage can and tossed it into the side yard. There's NO WAY it could have rolled out there. So there was a bit of trash to pick up, but nothing major.

    The other thing was when I went to get the newspaper out of the box, I saw section A across the street in my neighbor's yard. Got that. Found the Classified and Sports in the neighbor's yard to the side of us and section B a good city block down the road in an open field......I skipped reading that part of the paper yesterday. It's amazing that the wind managed to suck the paper right out of the box like that. Creepy! :wtf:
  15. OMG, this looks familiar. We went thru the same thing here in Seattle back in December. Scary stuff.