high waists

  1. what do you guys think of high waists? supposedly, they're set to be the new trend. i dont really care about trendyness, in fact i usually detest it, but im really liking this look. i think its very chic, and reminds me of the 40's. so far the brand that seems to be doing it best is 18th amendment. the celeb that wears it the best is ashley olsen, who in the latest pap pictures, has been wearing the same black high waisted skirt. jessica simpson in her denim trousers....BAD example. there are definitely rules for this look.
  2. Skirts, ok. Pants, NONONO. Just mho.
  3. ONLY if you're over 5'8" and under 120 lbs!
  4. no! especially with jeans.
  5. I have only seen a few women wearing high-waisted skirts who can carry it off, because I honestly think you have to be tall and slender to suit this trend... Personally, I'm not a fan of high waists at all! Or for that matter, hardly any of the current trends at the moment :p
  6. whenever i think of high waists, i think of laura from project runway...the entire freaking season, i just wanted to yank her skirt down a few inches.

    i am, however, glad we are moving away from super low rise, plumbers crack inducing jeans...but still...going totally opposite is never good.

    high waists, no. if you're not already super skinny, they just make you look heavier. but i'm all for mid rise stuff. :yes:
  7. I've seen a girl in my lecture walk in with high waist (Diesels I think?) and as trendy as she always is, she looked horrendous in them. So, no, I don't think I fancy the high waist
  8. High waisted skirts are fab..a la Prada S/S'07. Very chic and different..
  9. if i have a body that can pull this style, i would do it. i liked how the original charlie's angels wore them.
    but i have short body adn longer legs, i tend to look stupid in high waist pants.
  10. I tried on a few high wasted skirts & pants the other day. You have to be really skinny & tall. I'm not tall enough to carry it off. Saw some really beautiful high wasted skirts.
  11. I agree. I think at a minimum you have to have a long torso to pull this look off. But like most of the trends right now, they look best when you are tall and slender. I'm short waisted so I'll be skipping this trend.
  12. I kinda agree with AnimalCrackers. I, personally, never wear high waisted jeans because although I've always been considered on the skinny side, I'm really short, and the look just doesn't work unless you're very tall and thin. I'm just more of a low waisted jeans girl, but there are some ppls who can make any outfit work. I think high waisted skirts look cute on some very tall girls, the skirts are ok, but the jeans is a big no no, unless you absolutely can make it work. Very few can.