High Waisted, Wide Leg Denim

  1. I really love this look ... can anyone suggest some good brands or stores where you've seen this type of jean?

    It's a tough look to pull off, but I have pair of Nanette Lepore high waisted wide leg black slacks, and they are so flattering ...

  2. Try Grey Ant or Lux by Urban outfitters- They actucally are pretty flattering and more forgiving than skinnies. I have three aprs!! And I have hips and booty. In fact my nasty coworker once implied I was a "big" girl. i am a size 6.
  3. What a b*tch. What was she, a size 0? It's people like her who cause eating disorders. A size 6 is SO not big.
  4. I like the Grey Ant ones on Shopbop ... I wish the braid pocket ones came in a color other than grey ...
  5. I bought some at Express that are very cute and comfy!
  6. seven "gingers" or jbrand "the doll" are both great options. i bought the jbrand "lovestory" b/c my rise is too short to pull of the high waisted look
  7. i wish i could pull that look off..post pics of your outfit when you can :smile:
  8. Excellent--I'm going to check them all out!
  9. "The Doll" from jbrand is really cute, as someone else pointed out. Another favorite of mine is the 18th Amendment "Colbert" Jean, it has the perfect rise if you are starting out in the look. The Topshop K jean is a really cute and affordable choice too. Good luck searching, and let us know what you pick!
  10. I was looking at NAP ... I really like 18th Amendment's "Bacall" jeans.