high waisted skirts?

  1. what do you all think of high-waisted skirts? are they a fashion do or a huge don't?? :confused1:

    i thought that i would never like anything high waisted but this one kinda appeals to me :Push:


    if you have worn this type of look before, could you tell me what kind of body-type this would work on and if it's versatile at all? i can't seem to decide if i really like this look or not :confused1::P:confused1:
  2. I love high-waisted pencil skirts! I looks very feminine in my opinion.
    I think it's better for X-type figures.
  3. I like high waisted pencil skirts!! I also like the one on top because its very feminine. I say GO FOR IT!!
  4. I like high waisted pencil skirts too.
  5. I think some people could pull it off but I would look horrendous!
  6. I love high-waisted skirts. I'm not crazy about that one, to be honest, but I think that's just me. I like high-waisted skirts to be pretty structured. Pencil skirts, I guess.
  7. I love them -- but I agree with nerdphanie. I prefer them to have more structure.
  8. Very sophisitcated in an understated way. I like the look a lot, but am too short to wear it.
  9. They do not work on everybody, my opinion is if you are short waisted its a definite DONT !!! I do like picture of the skirt you provided, as apposed to pencil high waisted skirts which i personally don't like.
  10. I only like the high waisted skirts that are very poofy and playful. So no pencil skirts for me.
  11. I love them! I think it's important to have a perfectly flat belly, though -- otherwise, the person risks having a "pregnant" lump.
  12. I wear my skirts up around my belly button not as high up as that image

    honeslty i prefer it to having skirt feel as thought at the toip is going to show my underwear