High Waisted skirt Inspiration

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  1. ive recently just bought these 2 skirts
    but i dont know how to wear it.... i want to try to dress it down because i usually go to school and shopping.. so not really too formal...
    please help me guys! please maybe post some pictures!!

  2. Ashley Olsen wore one with a simple white tee and she looked great. You could wear flats instead of heels too. I just have to find that picture. I guess Mary Kate did too but with a black one.

  3. [​IMG]

  4. I Love this outfit!! very cute... look how tiny she is!!
    lovelovelove the skirt!
  5. so cute! anyone know where to buy high waisted skirts that arent pencil skirts and not super expensive?
  6. I believe American Apparel has one that is not pencil
  7. I just got a nice high waist pencil skirt at Arden B!
  8. omg love the skirt MK is wearing - anyone know where I can find it?
  9. hmm for the one on the left, if you don't mind midriff bearing you can try this:

    And if you are not so in love with the colors, if I wore this I would wear a black tube top/bra with a loose fitting blouse.

    a really pretty flowery tank top, I got one for only $12.99 at target, but i can't find an image of it online (designed by jovovich-hawk) with a loose fitting blouse, basically anything over a loose fitting blouse would be cute!
  10. I was thinking about ordering this skirt too, how does it fit?
  11. I've heard that skirt stretches so you can size down.
  12. sorry to hijack the thread but does anyone know where to get a skirt like the one MK has (the grey one) i looked at it and fell in love!
  13. i know its so cute! someone in the celeb style section solved it. i think it was alaia. i wanna find something like this but cheaper. if anyone knows...
  14. I don't know how you would be able to dress these skirts down enough wear to class (especially the 1st one since it's short) becuase they are tightfitting. Maybe jewelled sandals/flip-flops would make it look more casual :shrugs: