High waisted denim

  1. Thoughts on this trend? Like or dislike?

    I am indifferent about this trend. I think you have to be rather tall and thin to pull of this look. Do you think it will be around a while?
  2. I really like them.. I don't think you necessarily have to be tall to look good in them... but I think they are most flattering on ladies with fewer curves...
  3. I'm tall and thin and not a fan. It makes the booty look too long IMO.
  4. I like the high-waist trend, but I agree it's definitely not right for everyone...I think high-waist jeans look good with cropped jackets, like so:

  5. I can't decide which is more flattering: muffin top or high waisted.

    Years ago when I had my navel pierced and got my tattoos on my stomach and back, I remember all my jeans actually rubbed against my piercing and my tattoos NEVER showed. Now, it seems like jeans are so low cut everyone gets a look at my ink and I'm sure no one wants to see it. Maybe this is why I quit wearing jeans?
  6. I prefer high waisted, not really really high but I hate it when I have to pull up my jeans all the time and have to worry about plumber's crack. I hate lowrise, I always suffer when I wearing them.
  7. I didn't like this trend at first, but some brands make high-waisted pants that are super cute and flattering; try Marc Jacobs, 18th Amendment, or Peter Som. I usually wear mine with fitted blouses that have some kind of nice detailing.

  8. UGH. HATE. HATE. HATE. I tried on a pair of Seven jeans with a higher waist -- the Ginger style -- and I felt like my entire lower half was suffocating. And the whole thing was precariously close to camel-toe territory. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
  9. I have a pair of Odyn jeans that are high-waisted...with a very wide leg...and I love them!!!
  10. I like the high waist look, I'm 5'4" 125lbs, I get alot of compliments when I wear them, but I do agree that it does'nt look good on everyone. It gives some people the Who Booty Effect( Dr. Suess Characters) :roflmfao:
  11. I have 2 pairs of high waisted JBrands that I love. Very flattering and slimming on me.
  12. I think it's all in the proportions. A 9" rise hits me exactly midway up to my navel and is very slimming - smooths the curves of my booty and thick thighs. Any lower than 8" requires cover-ups for plumber's crack. Any higher gives me a distinct "pear" look. Someone who's shorter from crotch to navel needs a lower rise, in my opinion.:smile:
  13. Yes, my sisters call this "rectangle butt", lol!

    I think it really depends, overall I'm not a fan but I've seen it done well a few times (mostly celebs though). I don't know if someone could pull off wearing the same pair of high waisted denim all the time the same way I live in my bootcut jeans--they're more of a statement piece IMO.
  14. i think it only works on some people. ive tried a pair on and i find them too uncomfortable. i am getting super sick of low low rises.
  15. Love them! I have two pair. They are fun for a change...to mix things up. I have a pair of SFAM wide-legs with a high waist and these from J Brand.