High waist jeans

  1. What do you think of them? Love or hate? Also, what kind of top do I wear with them?
  2. personally i won't buy it because it doesn't suit my body. i have shorter upper body than my legs and wearing this kind of jeans made me look weird
  3. They look really funny on me. The super high waist ones I'm not a huge fan of, even on the models!
  4. I like them but I know they will go out of style any day now.
  5. No thanks. I got them out of my system in the 80s a la baggy or acid wash. I've seen teh current ones which are cut close to the body and unless you have zero abdonimal jiggle it's just not going to be flattering IMO.

    I'll stick with boot cut for now...that works for me and hopefully doesn't look too dated, hahaha.
  6. Only a good look if you have an ultra hot bod. Usually you tuck a tight top into the jeans.
  7. I LOVE them. Not like the kind that go up to my ribcage, but the ones that have a 10ish inch rise are GREAT. They hide my muffin top and make my legs look miles long! How could that possibly be a bad thing?!?!
  8. I bought some Paige high waisted jeans about a month ago. Claire's right about them making your legs look so long and my sister loved them on me but I didn't feel like I'd actually wear them much so i returned them :/
  9. I prefer the high waisted short than in jeans..
  10. blouses/dress shirts tucked in =)
    and yes, they DO hide muffin tops lol
    love but not that much - sometimes with the wrong pair, you risk having a noticeable cameltoe! =X
  11. I agree. High-waist jeans definitely look best with a fitted shirt tucked in. I ordered my first pair of high waist jeans, 7FAM wide-leg from Saks. They are adorable, but they give me a serious case of camel toe. I don't see how it can be avoided. Becuase they cinch around the waist, they are always being hiked up and pulled into the nither regions.

    Low-rise skinnies are my favorites, but it's fun to try something different.
  12. I hate them. They're too similar to Mom jeans. :sick:And yes, I am a Mom. If I wore them, it would be with a long tunic. I don't have abdominal fat, but I feel it looks aesthetically stylish that way.