High volume/ Low Cal foods?

  1. I know this is a kind of controversial topic... but does anyone have more ideas for high volume/low cal snacks?

    I currently love popcorn (lightly salted or plain) and carrots/celery... but is there anything else?

    I just love eating a ton of food... and was just hoping there were more choices for "healthy-binging" (kind of an oxymoron, huh?)

    ^that's what I meant by controversial. I know some people are just going to say, portion control is the key, then you can eat almost anything.... but some people like me just can't stop eating!!
  2. Sugarfree jello ~10 cals/serving

    Watermelon, cantaloupe or fresh strawberries ~50 cals/cup

    Rice cakes- plain ones only have 35 cals each

    Puffed rice cereal- You can have a cup of cereal (50 cals) with 1/2 cup skim milk and a couple spenda packets for only 100 calories. Or you can slice up a couple strawberries and throw those in there too.

    Also, do you eat protein with your snacks? It keeps you feeling full longer. If you keep eating carby snacks your blood sugar will keep getting low again, making you feel hungry again... IDK if you like tuna, but tuna + LOTS of lettuce + a tiny bit of mayo or dressing makes a great snack for me. It doesn't sound satisfying, but it keeps me full for a loooong time :tup:
  3. I'm the queen of this! I used to make large "Stir-fries". I would spray a pan with pam and drop a little bit of water in it. Then take whatever veggies you prefer and sautee them. I would season the huge mix of veggies with low sodium soy sauce. Very filling! Also steamed spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower are very tasty. The best thing i can tell you is to drink LOTS of water, keep your belly full of H20! It really helps!
  4. In general most fruits and vegetables. In addition to making veggie stir fries like above, you can make fruit salad with fresh and tinned fruit, but make sure the fruit is canned with juice and not syrup. Also, there are quite a few puffed cereals where for a cup of cereal (even the sweetened kind) is about 120-150 cals.
  5. ll thanks for the tips everyone! I had some strawberries today... mmm

    the problem with cereal for me is... one serving is never enough.. i always go back to the box for more... it did help to preportion the servings, cause then i was embarrassed to go back for a whole other serving... i might go back to doing that so i dont overeat and have... say... 4 servings (it has happened!! many times)
  6. I like to take a seedless cucumber and take the skin off and slice it and add in some lemon juice and hot sauce and a little salt. It is so good and filling.
  7. i love miso soup..
  8. I also slice and eat a apple every morning with my coffee. I like canned stewed tomatoes as well.
  9. i had a cup of minestrone soup for lunch (and a banana) and for some reason I feel so full... like I'm going to burst!!!! probably all the fiber from the vegetables
  10. I was going to mention Cup-of-soup. I used to love the chicken broth one, and at the time it was about 25 cals a cup. I avoid soup now though, I feel the bloat from the sodium outweighs (no pun intended) the low calories!
  11. I slice a cucumber and sprinkle Lemon Pepper on the slices! Guiltless binging...you can eat the whole thing. Also slice a banana and put it in the blender with scoop of Vanilla Yogurt and 1 c skim milk. blend. FILLING and low cal. With the fruits you need to consider the sugar you are taking in... just a thought. Water and Hot tea are great fillers too. I do the Master Cleanser about once every 2 months now and have made certain adjustments going into it to taking in more empty calories... Celery is my fav. You can also eat an entire bag of salad and use 4 large tablespoons of fat free dressing and still stay under 100-120 calories depending on the dressing... talk about filling... Black bean soup is another thing that is easy to make and pretty empty. HTH
  12. Whole Foods sells this brand of canned soup that has no sodium added to it. For the life of me i cannot remember the name though. Healthy Valley? Something like that? It's a yellow can. My dad thinks is tastes super bland, but i LOVE it. The vegetable is very good and very filling.
  13. You can also make your own low-cal chicken soup by taking some fat-free boullion or broth and adding some carrot, celery and onion. You could add a couple noodles to it if you want. It's really easy to do... you just boil the broth and throw the other stuff in! :tup:
  14. Everyone's suggestions above are absolutely right!

    Another thing you can do before eating any of the above terrific, healthy volume foods is to take two tablets of fiber with 8-12oz water 45-60 minutes before each meal.

    The fiber/water combo makes you feel full while adding 0 calories.

    Good luck to both of us!