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    I'm thinking of selling a $2000 purse w a bid starting at $1800, but afraid to sell on eBay due to horror stories. But i want to give it a shot because I've had success selling and buying all under a few hundred bucks. What is the best practice to selling a high priced item on eBay? Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. Hi! There's a 'eBay safety tips' sticky thread above where you will get lots of advice and tips. Good luck!
  3. Hey girl - I've sold a few over $1800 and over $2500 with no problems *knock on wood*.....yet

    With items over $800 though I only keep it in the US (domestic) and set my requirements high as well as contact with the buyer -- BIN with immediate payment.
  4. i just had a horrific experience selling via ebay (story posted shortly). i may be out 5k. please don't let it happen to you!
  5. I do US only on high value items.
  6. And I would consider shipping this bag with a security tag & say in your listing

    that if the tag is removed,the bag cannot be returned

    Agree that no international shipping for sure....
  7. I noticed on another seller's listing, that they VIDEO the packaging of the bag to help protect against buyer scam, along with using a security tag. Always do signature confirmation and insurance. And post lots and lots of pictures of your bag, all the flaws, etc.

    I sold a few designer bags but nothing over 1G so far - thankfully without incident.
  8. I wonder if you could do at least 100 positive fb or some such?
  9. ^ Have noticed that some sellers will say in their listings if a buyer has 0

    or under 10 feedback to contact seller ..but don't really knowhow successful

    that is..
  10. Well, have you considered consignment?
  11. Oh my gosh, i just read your thread. Wishing this gets all sorted out for you... hopefully it's the buyer's misunderstanding...:hugs:
  12. Thanks everyone! After reading your comments and digesting them all, and reading the eBay forum and stickies - I'm going to NOT sell my purse. I can't afford to lose it all considering this purse is almost new....
  13. ^think you have made a good decision for yourself...
  14. Yes. It's a safe way to sell, if you go with the respected resellers.
  15. I think you may want to try the consignment route. The only issue is that the profit may not be as high if you sold on ebay.