High Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

  1. Hi,
    Not sure if this is in the correct forum, but was wondering if anyone has ever bought high thread count sheets on eBay? I am currently looking at buying 1000TC sheets on eBay but not sure if its as good as they say?

    Are any 1000 TC egyptian cotton sheets comfortable or does it depend on the brand? The seller that I am thinking about buying from is not of any particular brand but seems to have sold sheets to over 6000 people?

    Second to loving bags, a good sleep is what I am looking for :smile:

  2. It definitely does depend on the brand - sheets are one of those things where you almost *do* have to feel them before you buy. I've felt 1000ct sheets that feel worse than 300ct sheets, so thread count alone means nothing.

    If you want an awesome night's sleep, get the Spalena sheets from Costco. I'm a sheet whore and have bought several sheet sets at a time to find the "perfect" set. These are absolutely divine, reasonably priced ($119 for Queen), and feel so good sometimes I'll just dive into bed so I could feel them against my skin. The nice thing w/Costco is that they have a liberal return policy, so you can try it out for a couple weeks on your bed, and if you don't like it you can return them for a full refund! I tried a few of the 1000ct sheets from Smartbargains and Overstock at the same time as these sheets - there was no comparison!
  3. Sferra has the best sheets ever. They make some with super high count but even the ones with a lower count, they simply are the best even after many many washes.
  4. See if you can get your hands on Sheridan 1000tc sheets - pure heaven, and it's all I'll sleep on
  5. I would do that except that I have a very funny bed size - King Single, and sheets do not usually come in such high thread count which is a shame, which is why I have considered buying them online.
  6. Thread count is pretty much irrelevant over 400 or so- most numbers are complete lies or products of "creative counting" anyway. I'd say that as long as you buy from a well-established brand anything over 300 will be fine. I myself have 380TC Calvin Klein sheets that I got from Costco for around $80- VERY soft and much nicer than some 500TC+ ones I've felt.
  7. One word for you>>>FRETTE. The best. Worth every penny. Check blue fly for them too.
  8. My bed is my palace, and the sheet will vary depending onthe brand. If you want luxury, you are going to have to pay for it. I purchased many sets from Chambers (now gone) but William Sonoma home has some nice sheets. The ones I got were made in Italy and are divine!!!!!!
    It is very important to care for high thread count sheets properly so you don't 'wear' them out. NEVER dry in the drier, always line dry.
    Good luck!
  9. are these spalena cotton or sateen??
  10. I second the Sferra sheet rec. I have a set and they are my fave. I just ordered set #2 this week. My Sferra sheets are around 450 TC and they feel much better then my other sheets, some of which are 1000 TC. They also wear very well, I've had mine for at least 6 years now and they are stilll like new.