High Tech "Bag Lady"

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  1. that is very weird....
  2. ahhh i was just going to post a thread about this. It's interesting...i forget my key alllll the time...so perhaps it would work...but the bag isn't cute
  3. OMG the creepiest thing I've seen done to a bag. Ever.:sad:
    Nonetheless it is an interesting concept
  4. The part about never forgeting certian items is a great consept but I don't care to broadcast my emotions through my bag. I think you can tell just by looking at my face whether I'm happy or angry.
  5. oh my...
  6. That face honestly scares me. In a horror movie you might need an exorcist. Only kidding but I could just hear my little kids calling it Mommy's scary face bag. No offense intended if you like it we all like different bags and its all good.
  7. Well, at least it doesn't talk (yet).
    (Imagine "Where in the :censor::censor::censor: are those :censor: keys again??!")
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. I don't like it. Unless I were dressed up for Halloween, maybe.
  10. I think the feature that reminds you about certain items in the bag could be helpful, but I'm not so sure about this part:

    "Another function of the LadyBag is its ability to display its owner's emotional state, based on physical interaction with the bag. The bag has sensors throughout, so if its carrier wants to show the world she's happy, she can hug the sides of the bag to produce a smiling emoticon. Fiddling with the zipper produces a nervous emoticon."