High Shipping, PARCEL POST?


May 12, 2008
Yeah, I don't know how on earth this package cost only $2.96 but that's what it said on the postage printout on the package! I couldn't believe it.

It was an unexpected gift from family in Rhode Island and I am shocked they sent it Parcel Post and without any delivery confirmation or anything!

When you finally receive the package, check the postage cost and ask her to refund you the difference! Parcel post should not cost $20!!

Good luck!
Just because there's something on the package saying $2.90 doesn't make that the total cost. She could've printed out the shipping label at home and then upon getting to the post office, they checked it before accepting it and told her it would be extra, in which case they affix a sticker with the additional amount and the original amount isn't written anywhere. She almost definitely overcharged you if it was $20 for parcel post, but it tends to start at $4.90, not including delivery confirmation (another $.19 if done online) for 1 pound within 1 zone, and two pounds ends up around $8.50 usually. But as some other people pointed out, if it was stated in the auction, it's harder to complain after the fact. Sometimes I'll ask about what seems to be a high shipping cost before an auction ends and I'll get responses ranging from the closest post office is 40 miles away (seems improbable, but I'm sure it exists) to that's simply what they deem their cost of packaging and time sending it out costs/is worth.

In the end I think it's just part of the cost that you have to add in when you're deciding whether or not to bid and it's what you've agreed to once you bid, whatever the reason for the high cost. Of course if they charged you for a particular service and then use another, that's a different story.


Nov 7, 2009
East Coast :D
FYI, I sold something earlier and the bidder won the item at 5.00 but the shipping was listed at $250 since I was originally listing this for a buyer in europe and she wants express next day shipping. However, this buyer from canada snatched it up instead, he demanded I give him the item for 5 dollars with the $30 shipping cost to canada. He sent me multiple threatening emails telling me how he will file some legal stuff if I don't oblige. I wasn't sure what to do then.

I assume BECAUSE the shipping was disclosed at the item of bidding, I wasn't at fault?


Apr 28, 2007
Once you have bid (and won) you have accepted the sellers stated terms. You have not been stolen from, cheated , or abused.

IF the seller changes the terms AFTER the auction closes (tries to charge more than the listing stated) or ships parcel but charged priority THEN you would have a reason to complain.