High School Reunion?

  1. I just received an invite to my (gulp) 10 year high school reunion. The reunion is being held this summer in my hometown. I've been deliberating for awhile on whether to go or not...I had decided not to, but then I wonder...am I missing out on anything?

    Let me give you a little rundown of my high school experience: I was overweight, insecure, and super quiet, basically a target for ridicule. I was *miserable* for all four years of high school. I mean, I did meet some good friends, but I keep in touch with them still. And the others, well, I remember them making fun of me constantly and that's about it. The only reason I could come up with to attend my reunion was to show my high school class that despite their taunting I became a successful and foxy lady :graucho: . But what do I have to prove to them?

    So what do you think - it's not a big time or financial committment to attend the reunion, but I feel no love for my old high school class. Skip or attend?
  2. Definatly attend and blow them away with your transformation!

    I was like that when I was in high school and for my reunion, I went to the gym and lost more weight, had my hair done and got dressed up in a killer outfit. But the main kicker was walking in confidently and talking to as many people as possible-not about myself unless they ask (which they did.) Focus on them and they will reflect onto you.

    You won't regret it!
  3. Attend and knock them off their feet!
  4. definitely go and show them how strong and resilient you are! they can't get you down.
  5. I will be the lone dissenter and say don't bother. You are happy with your life now so why dredge up all those old feelings of persecution and insecurity? As you say, you have nothing to prove. If you go you may be disappointed that the people who bullied you do not acknowlege your success and foxiness. These were people you knew in high school for Pete's sake! Who cares what they think of you now?

    FYI, I went to a very hoity-toity all-girls' private school and while I had fun and plenty of friends there were, of course, girls who looked down on me and were rude to me, etc. I graduated in 1981 and haven't looked back.
  6. ^ I feel you. My high school was the same. I, however, may go to mine, just to possibly laugh at all the people who put me down for so many things. I know that sounds mean... but... girls are vicious as teenagers! I just really want to see how everyone else ended up.

  7. I agree, if you go in with expectations of "blowing them away" and you dont experiecne that then you are setting yourself up for being down on yourself. Go only if you really want to go (and it sounds like you really dont want to).
  8. Definitely go! You will feel so great when you walk in the room and see jaws dropping! I've always been thin, but I was shy and awkward in HS, and I had acne. Now, I'm still thin, but also confident, better-looking, and I have perfect skin! Going to my reunion was so much fun. No, I didn't have anything to prove to those people, but it was so satisfying to hear them all say, "WOW - you look amazing!" I was voted the best looking girl in the class at my reunion - it felt great!
  9. Well, you can take the high road and be satisfied with your transformation on a personal level....but what fun is that? I was the same way. In high school, especially junior high, our school was 7th through 12th grade, so junior high and high school students were all together, I was a complete dork. Bad hair, bad clothes, bad jokes, the whole package. I was relentlessly teased. Girls hit on me as a joke, guys ragged on my clothes. It sucked. Since then, I think I've come together nicely. I work out, I'm rather stylish, I developed my sense of humor a bit. So yeah, I wanted to show off a bit. Anyhow..I went, and most of the night went down like this:
    "So you're who?"
    "Charles _____."
    "Wait...Charles _____? Really?"
    "Oh...wow...um...so, are you married?"
    Seriously, it was crazy. Most of the popular guys are overweight and/or balding. The girls held up well over the years. I ended up dating one of the most popular girls from back then for around 2-3 months. It's a bit ironic cause she was rather boring and shallow. The tables were turned as I ended up not wanting to be around her anymore. When I think back, I mostly kept seeing her out of principle alone (the sex was not good at all!). Was it petty, yes, but it was like I got the last laugh, so then I could move on. I felt it gave me a bit of closure on that period of my life.
  10. I enjoyed high schools, so for me it was never I doubt and I went, I was so unimpressed at my 10 year.....a bunch of judgement, phony people trying to impress each other, I almost didn't go to my 20th...in the end my dh talked me into it and I was so glad he did. People had really mellowed out, most of the judgement and trying to impress others was gone, and we really enjoyed just getting together and catching up. After the reunion, a group of about 12 people came up to our suite and we all ended up talking until about 4 in the morning.

    So, I would say if your having doubts, skip it....you'll probably only validate your poor opinion of people....but go to your 20, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  11. I'm not going to go to my high school reunion. I only graduated in 2003 and I've already decided, lol. I went to HS for 2 years in Mississippi and 2 years in Maryland, and those last 2 years in Maryland I never felt like I "fit in". Sure, I was in the Marching Band and had quite a number of friends - but I had such a HUGE graduating class (520) that nobody knew who in the world I was. :shrugs: I have moved on since high school and I don't really wish on looking back. I'm pretty happy with where my life is now and I'm not the type of person who likes to go back and "relive" things and dredge up all of that old drama.

    As for your situation, if you would only go to show everybody how foxy you've become...I wouldn't do it. Maybe it's just me being negative, but you may not get the recognition that you deserve since people will be stuck in their old ways. Old cliques will reform and they'll probably do the same thing they did in HS. If anything, those popular girls that let themselves go will just resent you for being such a foxy lady now :biggrin:
  12. I agree with the above posters who said don't go. It's not worth your time...high school was *defined* by meanness and pettiness. So immature. Why dredge up the past and open up old wounds when you are in a perfectly healthy place right now? Revenge by success and gorgeousness is kind of, well -- silly, when you've already moved on and left them in the dust!!
  13. I have been thinking about the same thing mine is next year. Like you, I did not have a very good high school experience. Most likely I will go so I can see what everyone looks like now & what they have been up to. On the other hand I know negative feelings will re-surface but then I think dang that was high school get over it already. Recently I looked up my alumni on myspace, Pretty fun.
  14. i say go. iv only been out of school a few years but in that short time its amazing how many of the popular kids have totaly messed up their lives.
    i live in an area with the highest teen pregnancey rate in europe and theres a big drug scene. i feel proud that i might not have been the cleverest or most popular person at school but im one of the few who has their life together and has a good future ahead of me.
  15. And you know...I've found that most of the "popular" kids in high school went on to be rather boring, univdividual people. It's the nerdy dorks that went on to challenge themselves and seem to be more interesting.