High School Reunion bag.....

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  1. Good morning TPF! My high school reunion is Saturday. I went to an all girls school in the Bay Area. I can't decide which purse to carry, my black caviar Chanel jumbo with SHW, or my new Amarante Alma PM. Like children, I can't pick a favorite.

    .....or should I be low key and carry something low key like simple black leather clutch or shoulder bag?

    It will be at a downtown restaurant bar. Dress code is smart casual.

    My outfit will follow my bag choice, in true TPF style.

    xoxo and thanks
  2. What time of day?
  3. I say go w/ the Chanel. It's a classic! Pair with a grey dress and red pumps :smile:
  4. We are taking a tour of the new wing at the school in the afternoon, then it is dinner/drinks around 6, then a bar crawl.
  5. i agree, go with the Chanel!
  6. My pick would be for the Chanel, as well
  7. Agreed - Chanel. :smile:
  8. chanel all the way!
  9. Another vote for a Chanel unless you really want to be under the radar. If so then another low key bag would be wise.
  10. Another vote for Chanel
  11. Chanel. At my ten year reunion last year everyone and their mother was carrying an LV. I opted for a Marc Jacobs and I'm so glad. Have a great time!!!
  12. Second, third, tenth Chanel ;)
  13. Chanel it is! Thanks :smile: xoxo
  14. Not sure if anyone is interested, HAHA, but I wore my black caviar jumbo with skinny black lambskin jeans (hemmed to just below the ankle), black pumps, white shirt, and a long gray cardi, with piles of lovely DY bangles and DY earrings. Everyone there was in a cocktail dress or jeans, so I was comfortable and super chic! Until my brand new lambskin pants got a hole from climbing up on a stool......at least my sweater covered it.

    Thanks for the advice, TPF. So glad I had my security blanket, IE Chanel, with me. I had a great time!
  15. Glad you had a good time and were rockin your outfit. Sorry about the hole tho.