High School Musical!!!

  1. Does anyone else love this Disney Channel movie!?

    I am a teacher and my kids were always talking about it, and now I've become obsessed.

    They are making the rounds right now promoting the second movie, and they're just so cute!

    Any other fans out there?
  2. I really like it also (I'm in my 30's). The songs are so catchy. Part Two is coming next week. They are doing an ice show. The tickets went on sale one year in advance. I admit I'm in love with Zac Efron.
  3. big fans in my house! :biggrin:
  4. My 6 year loves the Disney Channel and we have ring side seats for the ice show!
  5. My husband bought us tickets for the ice show as well! I had to warn him that we'd probably be the only adults there without kids!!!
  6. I totally am too!! He's so cute and yummy! I think he and his little girlfriend from the movie are so cute together in real life.

    Did anyone else watch them on GMA this morning? They are really so fun and I can't wait for the sequel...August 17...set your TiVos!!:yahoo:
  7. I wasn't a HUGE Zac Efron fan after watching HSMusical but when I saw him in Hairspray, I totally fell for him! LOL. He is such a cutie.
    I just finished watching it again for like the 80th time. My daughter is going to have a HSMusical 2 sleepover party that I encouraged. I just love musicals and it's just a fun, fun show.
  8. I LOVE it. My friend was trying to arrange a HSM2 viewing party.. she's 20, hahah. We're obsessed! There was a HSM parade thing in Disney World, my other friend thought I was a right saddo for singing/dancing along LOL

    It was so funny though, in Disney World I saw at least a dozen guys in HSM tshirts, who were atleast 15 upwards!
  9. I watched last night yet again with my daughter, we love it, I actually have cried before with that song at the end.. yeah pathetic I know...

    There's not a star in heaven
    That we can't reach
    If we're trying
    Yeah we're breaking free
    Breaking free
    Were runnin'
    Ohhhh, climbin'
  10. Also, I rather my daughter to be obsessed with HSM and be singing all day than singing Fergie or PDC songs... lol
  11. My daughter, who has a fever right now, just finished watching it on Disney and cannot wait for HSM2 :yahoo:
  12. Yes, I've watched it many times with my daughter. They even did the play in school.
  13. The songs are so catchy!! I was doing some youtube "research" today and listened to clips of the new songs from HSM 2. They are gonna be so killer...

    but I think Troy and Gabriella break up in the movie! There's definitely a break up song!!
  14. Oh no! Say it isn't so. I will just cry. I bet Sharpay has something to do with this. LOL.
  15. I just watched this movie on the Disney channel last week for the first time and I loved it! My husband thought I turned it on for my 3 year old son to watch and he was teasing me about it after my son went to bed because I was really into it. It was such a cute movie!