High school musical. Is it so terrible it's good?

  1. There are many things we don't like to admit. Like the fact that when people say "What's that smell" You go "yeah, what is that smell?", when you blantently know that it was you and your windyness. Well for me it's finding high school musical strangly likeable. So I'm coming out of the closet and saying, i like it damn it! Are you with me?
  2. zac efron:heart:3333333
  3. I tend to like cheesy films like that - the ones that I know I wouldn't if I had any taste. High School Musical however I thought was ok, but missing something.
  4. Yeah. I could watch "Mean Girls" and "10 Things I Hate About You" a million times LOL. My little guilty pleasures!
  5. I love it! I was shopping on Oxford Street in London on friday & I walked past the Disney store & they had Sharpays pink golf cart.. I got so excited pointing it out to everyone, hahah.
  6. I love it too! Im sure my BF secretly does too as i make him watch it with me!
  7. I have never seen it nor heard about it until the naked pics of one of the people in it came out a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I will give it a shot.