High School Grad Gift

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  1. I'm recently looking for a grad gift for my daughter graduating high school and can't really figure out what piece of jewelry (more specifically ring) I should get her.
    I've been looking into this Tiffany and Co Ring single diamond wave ring (linked bellowed), but am also looking into maybe the Cartier Love ring or some other nice ring (any recommendations?)
  2. Cartier Love ring is my vote. It's a timeless and classic choice. A lot though depends on her style and your price point.

    My daughter is graduating HS as well but she doesn't want any jewelry. :sad: She would rather be gifted with an experience (i.e., zip lining) or money (for her savings account).
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  3. The wave ring is very thin. I would like to recommend the Elsa Peretti stacking ring with a single diamond. I have it in platinum and RG. I wear the platinum version most of the time and I occationally stack it with the RG. If you do decide to get her this, you can always get her a second one to stack when she graduates from college.
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  4. I’d definitely go for the Love ring! That’s a classic piece.
  5. Does it have to be a ring? I ask because there will be times the ring is too loose or tight throughout her life. We have given the silver bean necklace, silver atlas cube necklace, and a silver money clip. They are simple classic pieces appropriate for casual daily wear or to wear at interviews, jobs, etc.
  6. I got a lv bag for my high school graduation, i wasn’t thinking jewelry at that point
  7. Your daughter sounds smart!
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  8. Ask her what she wants.
  9. Totally agreed. I would buy a bracelet or a necklace.
    However, only the OP knows about her daughter. I meant in a phrase of my life, I love rings. Then few years later I love earrings etc....
    So maybe she's into rings now, or she already had many necklaces and earrings.
    Without a given price range, I can't recommend any.
    My suggestion: Take your daughter to a store and pay for her own selection.
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