High-Res Pictures of the Monogram Dentelle

  1. While tPF was off-line, I browsed the internet and found two high-resolution pictures of two Monogram Dentelle bags.

    I took the liberty of downloading the pics to my laptop and to cut out some detailed pictures of the flower patter in both silver and gold for you all to see&judge. I hope it's something new for most of you.
  2. These are the silver flowers...less striking than the gold ones in my opinion.
  3. Vlad and Megs - you do know that there is MASS boredom when TPF is offline right? 10,000 bored people :lol:

    :back2topic: The gold is definately more striking than the silver IMO. Thanks for the pics :yes:
  4. Gee that's purdy. No light vachetta either
  5. I love the gold, can't wait to see these in real life!!!
  6. The gold looks better but I dont love either. Maybe it will grow on me?

    Thanks for finding these pix! I was bored for the last few hours since I'm home today.
  7. thanks! don't know if i like or hate it :s
  8. wow..that is crazy gorgeous!!!
  9. i'm not sure either, guess i have to wait until i see it in person!
  10. Thanks so much bc I was really curious what this looked like.. I'm not commenting bc I'm totally unsure how I feel about it...maybe i need to see it IRL...
  11. AGREED
  12. yeah, looks kind of odd to me too, but perhaps it will grow...
  13. Well I kind of like it...actually for me it's one of the best SS07 designs so far.
  14. Not for me....I think, but will wait and see.
  15. Not sure if I like it, either. My SA saw it in person and said it is gorgeous, but I dunno.