high radon levels in your home?

  1. My mom is in a contract to buy a house now and the radon test came back as 6.6 level and they said usually it shouldn't be over 4 level. I looked on the internet and it says that the radon levels can be lowered with a system, but my mom is still worried that this is a big problem and is wondering if she should stick with the deal. Does anyone have experience with high radon levels and if so, would you be worried about buying a house with high radon levels?
  2. Yikes, I know nothing about this. Time for me to google it. With zero knowledge and from reading your post, I'd sure have some qualms about the house since it is higher than the rec'd number. Good luck to your mom!!!
  3. I got my basement tested for Radon when we had the house inspected, and it was high. We made the owners put in a system, as well as pay for it, before we closed on the house. I believe the system is close to $3,000.00. The system should work well - no worries.
  4. A friend of mine works in radiology and she had her work badge in her nightstand. One day her badge was glowing, and her husband found out that it was radon in their home. They had just bought this house. I think they ended up calling someone to get this fixed, because I believe it is cancer causing. I would definitely get this looked in to as it is real serious, I remember them taking action with it right away.
  5. I would do what Michele said. I have no experience with it, but my teacher said that the Grove was on a land with high Radon, so they have alarms in case it gets to high, to evacuate the people. This was for a design class.
  6. Thanks all! My mom had her lawyer write a letter that they must fix it. It sounds scary on the internet when I was looking this up!