High quality hypoallergenic diamond studs?

  1. I was wondering if all high end jewelry is hypoallegenic. I'm extremely allergic to silver and low quality jewelry and I'm sick of having to constantly deal with inflamed ear piercings.

    I've decided to invest in a single pair of small diamond studs to wear all the time. What I need to know is if gold and white gold are hypoallergenic or if only platinum is. I really don't understand how it works. My body is extremely sensitive to low quality metals. I'm going to the jewelry store tomorrow evening so hopefully I'll get a lot of responses.
  2. Well I just bought some gorgeous diamond studs set in gold. Hope I'm not allergic because they set me back a pretty penny lol, but I'm not allergic to any of my other gold jewelry so I felt safe buying. Too bad no one responded :sad:.
  3. Well I'm not really keen on the subject, but I'm glad you found something you like AND can wear! I can't think of anything more classic than diamond studs and gold :tup:

    Great choice!! Enjoy!!
  4. That's why I chose them! I created a thread in The Wardrobe asking for advice on what clothing and accessories I could buy/invest in to wear for a very long time. I figured nothing was more classic than gold diamond studs!
  5. Congrats on your purchase, I hope they work out well for you.
    I'm allergic to nickel. My ears go red and puffy if my earrings are not hypoallergenic. I've gone through a lot of costume jewelry and have settled with 14k moissanite studs until I get diamond studs.

    It really depends on the percentage of gold. The highest being 24k gold which usually is impossible to find. In Indian or Chinese jewelry stores you may find 22k gold which is almost 92% pure gold (ie 92% free of other metals). Most commonly, you will find 10k, 14k or 18k. 18k is 75% pure gold and you will probably be okay with this. There is of course platinum which is available in 90% or 95% purity.

    BTW, have you tried titanium? My friend is more allergic than me and she wears a titanium e-ring because she breaks out in a deep red rash with silver or 10k gold. Her husband couldn't afford platinum, so titanium was a good option.
  6. I have major reactions to whitegold and sometimes yellow. Depends on the alloy. All the earrings I own are either stainless steel, titanium or platinum.
  7. Most people are not allergic to Silver...they're allergic to the other minerals included in the mix...Sterling silver is only 92.7% silver and the rest is a combination of nickel, copper, or other metals. The type of metals used depends on where it is made.

    Thai Tribe silver is around 95-97% (if I remember correctly) silver...higher than sterling.

    Fine silver, on the other hand, is pure silver (99.9%) and I highly doubt you'd be allergic.

    Most gold isn't even pure gold. 14k is only 58.3% gold!!!

    The higher the gold content, the softer the metal, since pure gold is very very soft. 18k gold is 75% gold. And then you have 24k which is pure gold.

    Hope your earrings are perfect for you and don't cause any allergies!
  8. I'm not allergic to titanium. I have my navel pierced and along with implant grade stainless steel, titanium is the only metal I can wear. Since wearing my diamond earrings my piercings have calmed down SOOO much. So I guess I'm not allergic to gold!