High $$$ Pet Bling

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  1. http://www.thefashiontime.com/2008/06/fashionable-pets-crazy-owners/

    Fashionable Pets, Crazy Owners

    The World’s Most Expensive Dog Collar: British jewelery designer Stephen Webster’s $1.2 Million dollar creation.
    Even with the cost of Pet Fashion, spiraling out of control, much like the price of gas, owners still love their pets and want the best for them, no matter what the expense. So, why hesitate at all to plunk down$1.2 Million to purchase trendy British jewelery designer Steven Webster’s gold and diamonds dog collar? Definitely worth all its weight in gold and diamonds too, and it says in a big way, you really care deeply about the dog in your life.
    Alright, alright, perhaps you are more of a budget shopper and $1.2 Million for a dog collar for Rover is slightly out of your price range. There’s simply no reason for you to despair, as we have a nice alternative for you.
    Bow Wow-Wowing in style: The Jeune Chéri by I Love Dogs Diamonds.com: a $280,000 crocodile leather Dog Collar featuring 15 Carats of Diamonds, Platinum, and White Gold.
    For a mere $280,000 dollars you can avail yourself of the Jeune Chéri alligator leather dog collar from I Love Dogs Diamonds, with its 15 carats of diamonds, white gold, and platinum. Ohhhhh, Fido will be all tingly inside wearing a rich fortune in gems, gold, and nice crocodile leather around his neck, making him the proudest pup in the neighborhood.
    Well, pets have become a replacement for children in some couples lives, and darn it all, like kids, you want them to look their best. And nothing says classy glamorous style for your good-looking dog, more than a Vivienne Westwood Couture Coat.
    $5,000 dollar Vivienne Westwood Couture Coat for Dogs
    At only $5,000 dollars, the ultimate in reasonably-priced couture wear for canines, was designed by Westwood and UK jeweler Issa to add sparkle and pizzaz to your dogs existence. Slip that couture coat on Little Nell and just stand back and marvel. Get her on the dance floor, and it’s disco ball time all night long.
    But what about the felines in your life? Why should dogs have all the fun and be dressed to the nines in canine sartorial splendor, while the cats in your life are neglected. You certainly don’t want Fluffy having a hissy fit with you now, do you? Certainly not. Accentuate your cat with a purrrfectly lovely Kitty Wig, and you will never regret it.
    Pink Passion Kitty Wig™ - $50.00 by Kitty Wigs
    Wow, what can what one say, but doesn’t Baby Snookums look mucho glamorous and mysterious? Pink Passion, it matches her furry complexion so well. And like the Meowing Lisa, one wonders what her wry smile says? Perhaps, bring me more Little Friskies, two legged entity.
    Pink, too soft a color for your cat’s choice of kitty wigs? Want something with a more dramatic flair and ouvre? Then opt for the stylistic neon look of Electric Blue.
    Electric Blue Kitty Wig™ - $50.00 by Kitty Wigs
    Oooo, Oooo Electric Blue… Outstanding. Before sans wig, just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill cat. Now, transformed in to the feline equivalent of Cleopatra or Mama Cass. How can you not be impressed? Simply, an elegant and sophisticated kitty, who will be doing a lot of California Dreaming or curling up by the pyramids.
    Our furry friends are now all dressed up, but with no where to go? Not quite, it’s shopping time for our pets, and away we go to the famous Harrods of London, which has opened the world’s largest pet emporium, a massive 11,000 sq ft of retail space - roughly four times the size of a tennis court.”
    Harrods pet emporium has everything fashionable under the sun and above the moon for our four-legged friends including jewelled doggy hair clips, “£300-a-piece Swarovski crystal-studded flexi-leads,” sequined Juicy Couture tracksuits, gourmet pet dinners, Puffa jackets, tank tops for summer, and fake fur coats for dogs in winter.
    And for those pets who become a wee bit worn down from the excitement of the big shopping trip, there are pet salons at Harrods, such as Waggin’ Tails which will offer, “a full menu of treatments - from a four-paw pedicure to ear cleaning, plucking and trimming, as well as an aromatherapy bath and ‘fluff dry’ from around £30.”
    Hey, what can you say, let our fashionable pets lead the way…
  2. That Westwood coat looks heavy!:wtf:
    I pamper my pets, but this just crazy. Think about all the other animals that could be helped for $1.2 million dollars, instead of something that just sits on a dog's neck.
  3. Wow....meanwhile there are so many dogs in shelters that could use that kind of money.
  4. ya know :confused1:
  5. Seriously...........people that spend THAT kind of cash on their dogs makes you wonder :confused1:
  6. The one with the 12 million to her dog is ridiculous. If she was a dog lover she could have used it to open up a shelter to help homeless dogs in her pooch's name or something. That would have made more sense then to have a security guard for the dog. People need to wake up...:noggin:
  7. ^^ i read yesterday that it was overturned and now the dog only gets $1 mill and the other $11 goes to charity
  8. Well...Leona wasn't quite all there if you know what I mean.
  9. ^ did you just say ONLY 1m? lol
  10. Not exactly. Some relatives contested her will, saying she wasn't of sound mind when she changed it shortly before she died. One of the adjustments the judge made was to lower the amount for the dog from $12 million to $2 million based on double its life expectancy and its expenses. The rest goes back into the Helmsley Foundation, which already had billions in it and doesn't count dog shelters as one of its beneficiaries. The judge put Trouble's annual expenses at $190,000, which includes his $60,000 guardian fee, $100,000 for 'round-the-clock security, $8,000 for grooming, $3,000 for miscellaneous expenses, $1,200 for food and anywhere from $2,500 to $18,000 for medical care.

    Another thing Leona asked for in her will was for either her brother or her grandson to care for the dog but they both refused, so now the dog lives in Florida with the general manager of the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel.
  11. Seriously. This just boggles my mind.:tdown:

  12. Some things you might want to consider (file this under Judge not lest ye be judged):

    1. Leona Helmsley, without a doubt, spent a smaller percentage of her wealth maintaining the health and lifestyle of her pet than anyone commenting on her choices.

    2. When it comes to being charitable the 8 Billion Dollars she left to charity dwarfs anything, both in dollar terms and percentage of net worth terms, than any of the people criticizing her.

    3. In terms of percentage of wealth spent the choices people make here every day to care for their pets, money spent to accommodate their pets needs or pamper their pets are far sillier than anything Leona ever did for her dog, yet when someone states, for example, that they are going to modify their stairs so that their pets are more comfortable you don't hear a chorus crying out that the money could be better spent on shelters.
  13. rich ppl who should spent it on a better cause instead of buying these
  14. WOW! because your cat really needs a wig.......:tdown: