High P & P charges on eBay listing

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  1. I am looking at a bag on eBay from a new seller and she is quoting £20 for 1st Class which I think is a bit steep. Do you think I should email and say that I think she is overcharging and that £10 would be nearer the mark?

    Or do you just have to accept the listing as it is - like or lump - you don't have to bid etc....

    Any views or experiences please?
  2. You can report it for excessive postal charges - on the report thing at the bottom of the page! :smile:
  3. What is the bag, though? I've got a bag listed and am having to charge £21.65 P&P as the bag/box weighs over 2kg and that's the cost for Special Delivery. I am now wondering if it's putting people off :thinking:

    It it's a Roxanne, Emmy, Bayswater, I think it's reasonable to charge £20 as long as it's going Special Delivery. If it's an Antony or Mabel or something, then it probably is unreasonable.

    If you're interested in the bag, I'd email the seller before reporting them.
  4. Maybe she means special delivery but just didn't select the right postage option. maybe send her a message and ask how much for special delivery.
  5. Hate to say it ditab, it seems that people don't mind paying a tenner but any more than that and they start to cough . Mind you I did put £1000 p and p once, meant to be a tenner !! Somebody reported me but luckily ebay looked into before I was pulled . Even they realised it was a mistake .
  6. I agree: re it depending on the bag. I recently returned a Roxanne to seller and it cost me £21.65! So I'd ask the seller to clarify first.
  7. It cost me £12.99 to send a pair of shoes back to Mulberry through Parcelforce 48. I thought that was reasonable considering the box was huge! Maybe you can ask them to use Parcelforce? They come to your house to collect the package so its easier than going to the post office.
  8. I hear ya! If it doesn't sell, I might relist with postage at a tenner and just take the hit myself :Push:

    Do you have a method of posting items over 2kg overseas? I couldn't find any way of posting it with full insurance :thinking: The only option is Printed Papers and you're not allowed use that if it's not, well, printed papers :lol:
  9. I would definitely be put off by high P&P charges- as a seller if it really were that much I'd add a note explainign I wasn't charging too mcuh and a) offering them first class only at their risk and b) promising that if it ends up being cheaper I'd refund them the difference- that would give me a lot more confidence in the buyer if I saw they were being reasonable.
  10. items of 2 kgs going abroad , gulp, panic , pounds vanishing down the drain . Normally parcel force . It can be insured , up to £500 is an extra £12 .
  11. Sometimes it worth putting it into a slightly smaller box to keep under the 2kgs , post office boxes weigh a ton .
  12. Nah, the bag, stuffing & dustbag already weigh so close to 2kg, I don't think I can find a lighter box :lol: You're right, Parcelforce :Push: That's what I was going to use for my Stam but in the end, I did find a lighter box :lol:

    chemk, postage is always at the seller's risk. If the item goes missing in the post, the seller is out of pocket, not the buyer. If you accept PayPal as payment, you have to post by a fully insured, trackable service.

    I have put a comment in the listing about the postage price but we'll see what happens.
  13. I'm actually getting quite good a cutting boxes down to size and was able to send my roxanne for £10 with plenty of stuffing but I think anything bigger/heavier than roxy would be impossible to send for £10
  14. I would make sure that the seller really means Special Delivery before bidding and I would check the weight when the parcel arrives to make sure that it was really over 2kg. If not, I would give them my :death: evil (*) postage star.
  15. Thanks ladies - I'm sure that the 2 Roxanne's I have bought were about £8.50 P& P and charged at £10.00 . I returned one in the same box and it was under a tenner for sure. Maybe the bag I am going for comes in a gold plated box !