High on the unbeatable Darwin smell :)

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  1. Got a little oak Ant today and OMG I can't stop just inhale the lovely smell of it! Maybe I can manage to get myself together and start looking at it too in a while... But for now I have it too close to my nose :smile:
    Love the old Darwin!!!
  2. You can't beat that leather smell, can you? :lol:

    Congratulations on a gorgeous buy!
  3. That's exactly what got me hooked: the smell of my vanilla Alana :faint:
    Congrats on getting your fix!
  4. Yeah...congrats :yahoo:
  5. Count me in! I just have to sniff my choc tooled Bays now and then, it's lovely! :biggrin:
  6. I can totally relate to your post, Mymlan - congrats! And it's strange, but I think oak has the darwinny-est smell of all!
  7. Mmmmmm - me too! Love it!
  8. It's just heaven:love:
  9. I must be careful, as sometimes I catch myself "sniffing" the insdie of my new oak Bays when I'm out and about. I'm sure others think I'm crazy...
  10. An oak Ant is a lovely addition to your collection. When I've left mine in the dining room overnight, I get a lovely whiff when I walk past them in the morning!! Better than any coffee imo!
  11. Really? I bought an oak tooled Bays from ebay and i think she would come today, cannot wait to smell her mmmm :biggrin:
    I have an Apple Bays in Antique Glade which I already like her smell very much :graucho:
  12. Oh yes, it's a lovely scent! I love giving an old Darwin beauty a spa treatment just so I can enjoy the smell of the leather!
  13. I totally agree, the smell of my Darwin Choc Blenham is the same.:drool:
  14. Darwin is the best smell, closely followed by NVT.
  15. Mymlam, congrats on your purchase!

    Would you mind telling me what bag is that in your avatar? It looks stunning!

    C ;)
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