High Maintenance 90210

  1. On E!

    I watched this last night, unfortunately, i had to add it to my Tivo list.....very entertaining. :rolleyes:
  2. [​IMG]
    RISADI/Action Press/ZUMAPress.com
    Brawl Out

    Colin Farrell and bodyguard Ahmed Mohammad hit the town for...who knows, maybe a night of drinkin', cussin' and fightin'? Perhaps tea and tiramisu? Definitely one or the other.

    1093/Most Wanted/ZUMAPress.com
    Sweat Dream

    Paris Hilton totally works out really hard with trainer Teddy Bass.
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    Dan Herrick/ZUMAPress.com
    Rain Candy

    We're sure there's a name for the guy you hire to hold your umbrella, and we're sure Gwyneth Paltrow knows what it is.

    Green, Thornton, INFGoff.com
    Nanny 911

    Jude Law, Daisy Wright and the wee ones, before all that, you know, trouble.
  4. [​IMG]
    Extension Accord

    It's not clear anymore whether stylist Ken Paves is working for Jessica or if it's the other way around.

    Domestic Don't Preach

    Madonna spawn Lourdes and Rocco hit the town with nanny and bodyguard. Fun!
  5. [​IMG]
    Littler Children

    Kate Winslet does her best nanny impersonation, and her nanny is totally impressed.

    Thug It Out

    We see Angelina on the town with head bodyguard Mickey Brett so often, we have to wonder: Did she go ahead and adopt him, too?
  6. [​IMG]
    Hike School

    What's the key to Guy Richie and Madonna's workout success? A trainer who insists on hats.
  7. haha It seems entertaining!
  8. i like this show :yes:
  9. Very off the wall!
  10. I love this show!
  11. The guy Norwood - needs to step away from the Cosmetic Surgeon's office. His nose looks like Michael Jacksons:shrugs:
  12. I can't wait to see Brian the butler arrayed in his "zoot suit!" **

    Sadly, I will have to get it in the morning rerun, I missed the afternoon sneak of the Hills, and the other TV will be taping TonyB in LA, and I can't bump that because it is one of our very favoritest shows!

    ** In case anyone missed the first episode, when Brian had his interview with Norwood, Norwood asked him what he would wear to butle a "ghetto theme" party. Brian thought a minute, then decided to guess, "A zoot suit?"
  13. I LOOOOOOOOVE the Overnight Cambon bag that Paris' trainer is carrying!!! :drool: + :nuts:= :love:
  14. Lol. I thought the same thing + the cosmetically enhanced dimpled chin. So fake! And what's with the tacky decor?

    And the episode with the nannies was hilarious! I wouldn't let that guy nanny within 500 feet of my child though (and I don't have any yet).
  15. cant wait to watch it! The angela caption is funny haha.