High heels tipping inward?

  1. Does anyone else experience this? Instead of the heel sitting perfectly straight while standing in them, they tip inward.
    Like looking from the back of heels, they should look like this:
    but instead they look like this:
    Except not SO extreme...

    I've noticed this happens more with walking. Not in ALL my shoes though... some older ones became worn like that so they stay like that. I just bought some Guess shoes, just some inexpensive shoes I can run around in, and the heels are tipping inward.

    I'm wondering, is it the shoe, or is it me? Do less expensive (they were just under $70 at DSW) shoes tend to do that? I have like NO arc in my foot and I don't know if that matters. Or could it be the width of the heel? They're on the stiletto side but they're not ultra thin...

  2. I haven't had this happen to me, but just a couple of days ago I saw a woman walking infront of me wearing strappy silver heels. Her heels kept tilting inwards and even sideways with every step. It looked painful and she looked really unstable. I assumed (probably wrongly) that she was just wearing cheap/poor quality shoes.:shame:

    Maybe try a thicker heel if this is a problem?
  3. The heels of shoes will change over time depending on the way you walk and stand. It could be your posture or the way you walk that is causing this.
  4. I have that problem too! I'd love to hear more advice about this! I don't know what to correct my feet if it IS myself that is causing the problem and not the shoes...
  5. I always thought the "correct" way to walk was heel, toe, heel, toe, so if you put pressure on the heel, this will push the heel inwards, especially if it's a thin heel.
  6. I've never experienced what you had described. Is the heel loose?

    Try putting the sole in one hand and moving the heel with the other. If there is movement in the heel, take the shoes to a cobbler.
  7. I have seen this happen to other people. I always assumed they just didn't know how to walk in high heels and were somehow bending their legs outwards or something. I don't think it has ever happend to me but since I can't see myself walking I can't be sure.

  8. I've have it happen on a brand new pair of shoes I bought online. They were Taryn Rose shoes which are handmade and they are pretty expensive (about $500). It drove me nuts when I was trying them on. I found it wierd to have a heel tip inward like that and felt like I was about to twist my ankle. I ended up returning them.

    I think it may be just the way the heel is attached. It may not be obvious at first by sight so these shoes aren't pulled by quality control. But they feel off and this feeling gets more and more detectable after use.
  9. The heels of my feet naturally roll inwards, slightly, when I walk (meaning the heels of my shoes will tip outwards, slightly) and my partner's roll outwards, slightly (meaning that if he ever wore high heels, they would, presumably, tip inwards! LOL! :lol:).

    I think most people's do one or the other, but if shoes are badly/incorrectly made, they may exacerbate the problem; especially if they're very high. :yes:

    You can tell which your heels do, by which side of the heels of your shoes get worn down more quickly.