High Heeled Rain Boots

  1. Hey Girls,
    Looking for a pair of high heeled rain boots that can be worn with pant suits and dresses/skirts. Can be long boots or ankle boots. Any suggestions? TIA.
  2. I love Pucci. I am not sure if these came out this year and if they are still available but they are too cute: Pucci Caledonia Knee-high Rain Boots
    Pucci rain boots.jpg
  3. I need some too! I know Marc Jacobs came out with high heeled rain boots last year. I havent seen any this year but i will do some research.
  4. I have that same boot in a mid-calf length purple. I got them last year at an outlet in NYC. I LOVE them. I recognize that not everyone is a fan of Pucci or purple, though.

  5. I was at the C-21 in Morristown last weekend and saw the Marc Jacobs boots there for $90 (I think - give or take $10). I believe that they also had the Pucci ones in the lower grey/brown version for about the same price.
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