High-heeled oxfords?

  1. What's your take on this new trend for fall?

    Ugly or totally wearable? With skirts or pants?
  2. I would definitely wear them with wide leg pants or even with a skirt but with matching opaque tights.
    What are these grey ones in your picture? I like them a lot.
  3. I think they are definitely wearable.
  4. I dont like them, not my style at all.
  5. They're very wearable but I couldn't see them worn without tights. IMO, it would look incomplete.
  6. Love them!!!!!!

    Can't wait to buy a pair!:tup:
  7. They are Circa Joan & David, they were on sale during the Nordies Anniversary Sale and came in gray, black & brown. I think a lot of PFers liked them from the catalog! I have a pair and I will only wear them with matching opaque tights. :smile:
  8. ^^ Yep I've got mine in black ready to rock & roll with tights!!
  9. Thank you for the info! I can't believe I missed them at the Nordies sale but I'm sure they'll go on sale eventually elsewhere, I just have to keep an eye on it :yes:
    Are they comfortable?
  10. Not for me, either.
  11. i think they are one of the uglyiest shoes i have ever seen IMO
  12. Love them.
  13. I don't know if I would wear them, but I have seen them in magazines and on the models they look cute...
  14. agreed. definitely need tights to pull them off, but love it though =)
  15. I'm not sure yet... still sitting on the fence.