High-heel club

  1. I am a die-hard high heel fan, to the point where I can't even walk in flats. Anyone else is like this? Everyone else around me walks around in flats, sneakers and flip-flops, maybe except for a few really short ladies and here I am, not short by any means, towering in heels. Hope I am not alone in my addiction. Anyone else who doesn't own even a pair of flats or owns them but never wear them out?
  2. I am like you! The title bought a smile to my face because of a former co worker. He always thought I was taller then him-he is only around 5'6". (We worked together for 3 yrs). Then one day I was feeling horrible and came into work in flats. He looked at me and said--you mean I am taller than you? I am barely 5'2!
  3. I am exactly like you. I can't even walk in flats. I own two pairs and never wear them. They just feel a lot more uncomfortable than my normal walk in heels, you know?? I came in with flats the one day and all my coworkers were just like, "Woa! I didn't realize you were that short." Or like, "You're really that short???" I love heels. They're all I wear. I refused to wear anything else.
  4. I wish I were like that, but I'm the opposite! Heels kill my feet.
  5. When I'm working I always wear heels but when I'm off I'm pretty casual in flat shoes.
  6. for the most part that is all that im in.
    I do have a pr of flat that i run around in or wear when i'm off to get a pedi, but thats about it. otherwise its heels... Even in the winter. I have a pr of heel boots that have a rubber sole at the front so i dont slid. My b/f's mother thinks i'm number because i never wear winter boots, always heels.
  7. I am constantly in heels. I feel like a midget in flats unless I have on a miniskirt. And the only time I wear one of those is in the dead heat of summer if I'm not going anywhere for the day, in which case I wear my Dr. Scholl's Original sandals (which have a platform, so I don't even view them as very flat.:p ) If I'm going somewhere I have on a longer skirt and heels. And people never seem to realize that I'm really on the shorter side, either (5' 4").
  8. I'm about 5'7" or so... I love heels but I only wear them when I feel like it or when I'm going out (I neeever wear flats for going out). I'm afraid of getting bunions on my feet... :sad: They're wide enough already...
  9. I wear heels ALL the time and when I take my shoes off at home I walk on my toes :confused1: . my husband thinks I am a little nuts but I am most comfortable this way. I do own a pair or two of very cute flats but they usually hurt my toes or make me walk a little funny.

    I am definately part of this club! :nuts:
  10. I know what you mean. When I'm just walking around in my house, if I'm not wearing shoes (I always wear heels, nothing else) I walk on my tippy toes. Its funny.
  11. I am also 5'7 and heels are the way to go! they make me feel so stylish and sexy!!!
  12. Same with spylove. I can't even walk on something higher than 1 inch! I can only wear flat shoes. I would love to wear heels because it really makes an outfit smarter and not to mention, make me taller, but I just cannot torture my feet.
  13. I really got into heels just in the last couple years. I'm 5'4" with a booty and short legs so I REALLY benefit from a heel to get me more in proportion. I also LOVE the return of platforms! I have quite a few pairs of 3" or more boots, plus some incredible black prada mary janes I wear with jeans as well as black slacks.

    What is a bummer is hem lengths: I get most pants hemmed for heels but then when I want to wear flats it doesn't work. It's not as much an issue with jeans as a little fraying on the bottom edge is OK, but with dress pants and khakis it's not. So...I invest in some for flats as well as heels.