high fashion magazines

  1. Does anybody know of any good high fashion magazines that are not well known (but still good)?
  2. V, Citizen K, Jalouse (well, not really known in the US), Flaunt, ... others escaping my mind right now ... check the foreign magazine aisle in a large newsstand or bookstore.
  3. Jalouse is very good check it out and Lula ;)
  4. Love V, i-D and Nylon.
  5. Lush is great. It's a Canadian magazine, and not strictly fashion, (it has sections for art + architecture, beauty, events, world news, etc.) but has some of the best spreads I've seen and some of the most well-written work on fashion, next to the New York Times' style section magazine.
  6. I'd say "L'officiel" which has been around for centuries. It comes out after the collections and covers Haute Couture and Prêt-a-Porter. Another good magazine that covers the collections is "Prêt-a-Porter" and "Alta Cotura" from Hola. Not as expensive as some of the other magazines and really good pictures.
    "Elle Collections" and "Elle Accessories" are not bad either.
  7. nylon!
  8. Yes, Nylon is also very good + Tatler


  9. I love british vogue!