high end shoes vs lower end shoes.. which is really better?

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  1. Hi everyone. yesterday i went to buy a pair of chloe inspired shoes for only 25% of the price (look at picture below),:love: my SA was telling me that higher end shoes ($350 and up) are meant for only walking short distances (i.e. valet, red carpet, etc) and not meant for ideally even walking, while lower end shoes ($349 and below) are made to last longer on the pavement. As I was contemplating on this statement, it seems to be somewhat true. Any high end shoe that i have purchased (dolce & gabbana, prada, YSL, manolo) whether it's a boot, high heel, kitten heel, or a platform/wedge I've ended up taking it to the repair shop at least once.:cry: While my other shoes (steven, l'autre chose (spell), uggs) end up lasting forever.

    Any opinions on this? Do any of you think that higher end shoes break easier than lower end ones??

  2. for me it was always the exact opposite and even more importantlyi i can walk in "high brand" shoes much longer even with a 4 to 5 inch heel without pain ;) there is just something about their structure heel placement etc that makes it more comfortable for me.
  3. ^^Same here. I'd NEVER could wear more than a 2.5", MAYBE a 3" heel on a pair of more "inexpensive" shoes--under $100. If they're about $200 or so, I've found that they're often more comfortable. The two pairs of 4" heels that I have originally retailed at $400+. I can actually walk comfortably in them and I'm not dying!

    I think there is something to be said about the construction of a higher priced shoe. And I'm starting to realize that a leather sole makes a difference. Some of the trendy shoes that I've bought with a non-leather, plasticy sole aren't so comfortable as time goes on...
  4. I think the difference is making sure you buy quality shoes - regardless of the price:smile:
  5. ditto!:yes:
  6. i never had problems with my choos, manolos, louboutins. and epsecially manolo, i use them very often, even under the rain and sometimes when i am late i run in them....and they are still perfect!!
  7. i've almost always worn designer shoes, exclusively for the design....i find them extremely comfortable and i can wear them for hours without being hurt....:love:but i am always focused on the quality and the leather!:lol:

  8. I totally agree with you two!!!

    Question: do you think that all high end labels known for clothes necessarily make quality shoes or is that something that is just assumed?

  9. That's good. The first time I wore my Manolo boots, I broke the heel off one of the boots while walking. I was in shock :sad: Of course NM fixed it, but other than that, they are totally comfy!

    Maybe i should blame the pavement... they totally :censor: my shoes up!!!!
  10. I think its assumed. I always hope that if I am paying that much coin on a pair of shoes I had better be able to Rock them until they fall off and then be nervy enough to take them to the cobbler to make them brand new again. But, that's just me.:rolleyes:

  11. LOL :biggrin: That's a good way to look at it. I l:heart: that!
  12. I could (and have) walked miles in Jimmy Choos, Guiseppe Zanotti, etc. They really *are* more comfortable than Steve Maddens or Nine West, and they're infinitely more durable.
  13. I agree that high end shoes do not last as long ... they are just more delicate. Many luxe materials are not made to last, especially evening shoes. (Think about it, a cheap shoe with a wooden heel and rubber sole will just last longer than thin leather soles.) Manufacturers have the belief that if a woman is to spend $600 on a pair of evening shoes, she has the money to buy more than one pair and afford transportation to take her to the event (instead of subwaying it).

    As for comfort level, high end shoes are more comfortable. The leathers tend to be more supple and mold to your feet better.

    What I'm saying is that cheaper materials are "sturdier" ... but luxe materials tend to be much more comfortable.
  14. It is assumed ... but it's not an unreasonable assumption because such labels have access to more luxurious materials and superior craftsmanship. The fashion industry is small but once you establish your position in the luxury hierarchy, certain shoe manufacturers will be willing to work with you. (There are few very luxury shoe manufacturers and they basically create the shoes for the entire luxury shoe market. It is very rare for a fashion brand to manufacture its own shoes.)


  15. I totally agree with you sonja. That is soooo funny, you made me laugh when you said "subwaying it" (i take the subway all the time :roflmfao:) I like to wear all my nice shoes during the day... so they can be seen ...