High end shampoo

  1. Hi. What’s the best shampoo / conditioner out there? I have color treated hair. I have been using Oribe gold lust but would try something else. Philip b? David mallet? Any tried and true amazing shampoo /conditioner to give shine?
  2. Kerastase is my fave. The hot pink line gives shine, I use a few items from each line.
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  3. I don’t color my hair but I second kerastase I switch between nutiritive line and the resistance line.
  4. I find you need to treat the health of your hair to get good shine. Also, I find shine depends on your hair color or tone. Cool highlights and lighter colors make my hair dryer. I started using Orible Bright Blonde shampoo and conditioner when I first got highlights. Highlights were damaging to my hair, so I began alternating with Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner and the gold lust mask. I've also tried the Alterna Replenishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner and Olaplex shampoo and conditioner and mask and they all work well. For leave in conditioners, I like Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment. To tame fly ways, and smooth down hair, I like Davines Oi Oil.
  5. Olaplex shampoo and conditioner
    Davines "love" shampoo and conditioner
    Both brands have done amazing things to my hair. I have highlights and these two just make my whole head glossy and easy to style.
  6. I think there are some great hair masks out there that will give more shine versus shampoo and conditioner. A color gloss might be worth looking at. You can do clear gloss.
  7. I do a clear gloss and love the results.
  8. I also love the hot pink line from Kerastase. When I was coloring, the mask (called Reflection?) was the best I've ever used.
    Hmm.. I may try it again even though my hair is no longer colored.
  9. I really enjoy the Strength Cure line from Pureology.