High End Jeans

  1. What are the best high end jeans for a curvy figure? I need jeans that will not leave a HUGE gap at my waist. I also can only wear straight, bootcut or wideleg. If they are cropped or fitted on the bottom they look awful on me. TIA!
  2. ^ Joe's Honey Booty fit or Citizens of Humanity. If you have a pair you really love or that's a great deal, take them to a tailor. They can fix that gap and it's not expensive!
  3. I like J&Company....but better try it yourself, acutlaly, it's quite difficult to find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly....
  4. How about seven for all mankind..
  5. I love Seven For Allmankind because they have some stretch to them in certain styles and they will mold to fit you. My body is shaped different than most women but they mold to me and are very flattering!
  6. If you have a small waist and big hips (this is totally me), go Joe's, Honey or Muse. Totally forgiving with a small waist. If you find the waist on Joe's isn't working for you, I would go Citizens or Sevens, but the waist will be a little bit larger. I have to wear a belt with Citizens and Sevens.
  7. ^^I usually wear a belt with Sevens. I love my Joe's! I was just able to fit into them again this week, they're 29". I'm so excited :yahoo:
  8. Thank you everyone! The best fit I've had is the Gap Curvy Low Rise jeans and they aren't bad but they tend to look casual on me if you know what I mean. I'll try all the suggestions here and post back the results.
  9. Definitely Joe's honey fit!!
  10. True Religion are my go to brand, I must own at least 20 pairs.
  11. I'd say Joe's Honey fit...my mom is pretty curvy and she LOVES her Honey's.
  12. im curvy and i love the citizens ingrid flare i also wear sevens and never have gaps
  13. Christopher Blue, AG, David Kahn, Cambio. I am on the large end of a size 12, and these are great brands for me.

    I had been really liking the twisted seam look on some of the True Religion styles, but could not squeeze into their largest size. Then I found the David Kahn Nikki flap with twisted seams. I love 'em, and didn't even have to wear the largest size (32). I fit in a 31. Yeah!
  14. I love Joe's honey fit as well.
  15. I'm small but curvy, Seven's and Citizen's are ok on me. What has worked for me best are Joe's Honey's, Socialites and Muse's. I also liked Rock and Republic.