High end brands in the NYTimes

Mar 26, 2009
Where does this study say it's for high end brands? It's like the most searched jewellery brands is actually Pandora, according to Google. It just means it's most popular among the people who search on Google.


May 22, 2014
a fort made from H scarves
it's amazing to me that anyone can cull data from Google and call it a study.

Most blog coverage or "mentions" come from "c/o courtesy of" placement, i.e. giving the blogger merchandise to include in their outfit or roundup posts. I don't believe Hermes does much if any gifting for mention and I wouldn't think they need to. And the brands at the top are not only doing a lot of placement they also aren't what I would consider luxury brands, even LV has price points that would put them squarely in contemporary bridge collections.

As a very active blog reader, I don't think these gifted placement mentions are doing anything to add to the brands cache-it seems to have fostered more and more fashion bloggers hoping for more free stuff.

To keep this on topic, I don't believe there would be a ton of positive Hermes chatter due to the high price point, the brand's policy of being a bit "selective" about who can buy their product and in general I don't think customers of Hermes are shouting about their purchase except for the relative anonymity of TPF and other forums. It's been seen that over sharing your luxury purchases doesn't end up being perceived very well i.e.: the Woodlands robbery. I certainly don't think that's indicative of the future sales of Hermes, just their web traffic.

I hope Credit Suisse reviews some financial reports along with their google stats!