'High-End' brand jeans for pear shapes :)

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  1. Any suggestions which brands/styles work? I'm typically a 31"/32" and love the look of Jbrand skinnies though haven't tried them. How is True Religion? I've read loads of reviews online but would love to hear from PF experiences, thanks.
  2. I am slightly pear shaped, mostly bigger hips/thighs than I should have for my waist size and J. Brand are terrible for me. They are very tight in the thigh and the low rise hit my hip at a bad place giving me muffin top (which I don't have in other pants). I tried to find mid rise skinnies but they didn't have any. Their jeans also run a little short. I find that 7FAM works best for me in terms of fitting my hips. I just got the skinny in slim illusion from zappos and they are my new favorite. I like them so much I may buy another pair. They have plain butt pockets like J.Brand, which is what made me want to try them.
  3. Paige
  4. 7FAM are so soft and fit well!
  5. Its hard to find nice jeans if you are a pear, quite annoying really. But 7fam work well with me.
  6. I would describe myself as pear shape, and while it's trickier to find jeans that fit well, I have managed to find styles in nearly every brand (except J Brand) that fit. If you're looking for skinnies, James Jeans Twiggy style is good. AG Stilts work for a straighter skinny style. Paige Skylines are comfortable, too, especially since they are not low rise. And TR fits very well since their styles tend to be stretchy and have small waists.
  7. I'm realllyyyy pear-shaped. You must try J Brand! The 811 is the best cut for me; it's skinny but not too skinny. I always look for skinnies which have a 10 or more inch leg opening to balance out my hips somewhat. I also recommend Nudie Tight Long Johns. I like mid to high rise so as to avoid muffin top.

    If you prefer a bootcut, I recommend Joe's Jeans Honey. Very flattering.
  8. Haven't worn jeans in a while, but used to be a jean-aholic and swore by Citizens of Humanity, Joe's Jeans (especially their cords) and 7FAM. Having said that, some True Religions fit really well. I never found a pair by J Brand that fit me well as the waist to hip ratio didn't work.
  9. ^Oh yes, how could I forget COH? I don't wear their skinnies but I love their Dita Bootcut (Kelly bootcut is the same fit if you don't need the petite length).
  10. I have found the True Religion Becky with at least 2% spandex to be the most flattering in that brand.
  11. Serfontaine do 3 shapes for all of their jeans:

    Emerald - straight waist, no hips
    Sapphire - slim waist, slight curve to hips
    Ruby - slim waist, curvy hips

    They're made in Los Angeles and great quality with a huge range of sizes (I got Emerald drainpipes with zips, 22" waist),

    They are very flattering and wash really well - sounds like a Ruby would suit you perfectly and probably cost half of what I had to pay in Selfridges in London for mine!

    Happy shopping!!
  12. Jbrand 811s are amazing. Im super pear shaped: 34-27/28-38 and these fit perfectly.
  13. AG and J brand.
  14. I think pear shaped has a couple variations. I have a pear shape and I have hips AND butt and I can't wear 7fam, J brand or AG - they all gap in the back. Maybe those are for more of a "hippy" pear??

    My go to brands are Joes and COH. They are comfy and stretch nicely to accentuate curves rather than make them look obscene. If that makes sense. I do pretty well with trouser jeans from Banana Republic too.

    Not on the high end - but my co-workers swear by Gap curvy fit - they have less butt and more hips than I do.
  15. Curvy girl here! I HATE the gap that I get in the waistband of most jeans and have spent tons in alterations getting that extra inch or two tacked in.

    Jeans that don't gap for me are JBrand 811 (twill like fabric is awesome!), 7 For All Mankind Kimmie Bootcut (no gap and you look extra skinny in them) and Joe's Honey fit. The COH Avedon skinnies don't gap too badly on me either.