High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Have any of you had elevated blood pressure during your pregnancy? I know it could be a sign of toxemia or preeclampsia.

    So basically yesterday was my 32 week appointment. I had this ratty nurse who took my blood pressure and she said it was really high, she took it twice. But the doctor who came into to see me didn't take it again to check and immediately sent me to the hospital.

    At the hospital, I gave a urine sample, blood sample and had to lay there for 3 hours to monitor baby's heart/ and my blood pressure.

    My blood pressure stayed high for the first hour, and then I had to lay on my left side for the rest and it finally went down.

    Baby's heart is great and he measuring well too! But the worry is on me!!!

    My doctor said absolutely no work today, and that I have to come in to get my second dose of Celestone shot to help expedite the development of baby's lungs, and also to have my bp checked again.. hopefully I'm not staying there FOREVER.. because I hate frankly hate hospitals.

    Ahhh.. I'm so worried now.. I don't know whats causing my up and down blood pressure levels. It really sucks. :cursing:

    If my bp keeps going up I may have to deliver early, which is something I DO NOT want to do. :crybaby:

    Any advice? Thanks for letting me rant...
  2. Rest, try not to get stressed out, stay off your feet.

  3. I have a few questions:

    1. How long after you got into the office was your blood pressure taken? Did you have a chance to sit down and rest, especially if you had climbed stairs or a hill.
    2. Is there a history of HBP in your family? Or at least during pregnancy?
    3. Have you been stressed about anything lately (other than this, obviously)?
    4. How high was your BP exactly?

    My blood pressure was elevated throughout my entire pregnancy, but not high enough to get anybody worried. I have a family history of HBP and my mother also had elevated BP during her pregnancy. I am not sure if this is inherited (during pregnancy part), but yeah...

    Just try and stay relaxed. Take some time for yourself during your last few weeks and rest up! If you're worried about the housework not being done, then how about hiring a cleaning service for the next few weeks - or even in the few weeks after you give birth...It can be a real help!
  4. Hi Juicy,

    I had elevated BP with first baby at the end and went through all the testing that you just mentioned and again with baby number 2 in the middle of the pregnancy the 20 week marks. I am now at week 34 and my BP is pretty much normal.

    I made changes in my salt intake, my stress level, and tried to change my overall attitude about things. This seemed to help and dropped it right away.

    Best of luck!!
  5. awww sorry!

    try not to stress so much you could make it go higher. just rest like told. if there was something really wrong they would tell you.
  6. I hope you're doing ok Jen!! Let us know if you can!
  7. Hi Melanie!

    1. Well she had me walk to into the office first and she weighed me and then took my bp.. I get antsy and nervous whenever I'm there.. but they never really take account of that. I keep telling them I'm nervous whenever I'm there, but she won't listen. She only took my bp twice within seconds of each other!!!

    2. No, no history at all.. cept for my grandma who developed high bp when she became elderly, and my grandfather who is diabetic. My mom never had high bp.. so I couldn't have gotten it from her.

    3. I'm stressed everytime I get to the doc's office lol, I've never like them.. even when I was a kid I would scream and cry. And I'm a nervous person from the start.. even presentations make me nervous!!!! I also got myself a little hyped up since I was meeting ANOTHER new doc.. they rotate doctors at my ob/gyn office.

    4. Well today it was 143/90... but it went down after an hour to 123/75. So if lay there for an hour.. it does go down.

    I got a second dose of Celestone injection to further develop the baby's lungs in case I do go into preterm labor. I must tell you.. the needle is extremely long, and it stings when its being injected into you. My SO told me they injected it into your butt because the needle was SOOOO long.. thank goodness he told me AFTER. I would have freaked out. That would have made my bp skyrocket.

    I haven't had any contractions though.. its just my elevated bp they are worried about. The nurses and doctors strongly feel that I'm going to deliver early. But I feel like I won't.. I can just feel that my body/baby isn't ready to deliver at 32 weeks!!!! :cursing:

    I haven't had any bleeding or leaking.. so I feel that baby is safe inside still... his heart rate looks good! All this high bp nonsense scored me another ultrasound.. hehehhe.. I GET TO SEE MY BABY for the 3rd time, and this time he is more grown.. I'm so excited.. that's is the ONLY thing I'm looking forward to.

    Not looking forward to the twice weekly appts I have starting Monday. :cursing:
  8. Thanks Sanguar! Nurses told me to take it easy for the next 8 weeks lol. That is going to be hard to do.. I can't just seem to stay in bed for 24 hours straight. I just gotta keep calm... lol :p
  9. I think "stress" is my middle name.. I'm trying very very hard to make myself calm down before my appts, but hospitals and doctor visits just creep me out!
  10. Thanks rileygirl! I'm definitely reevaluating what I eat.. all these horrible sweet/salty cravings are doing no good for me.. I'm switching over to fruits and veggies!
  11. Thanks Merika.. rest is definitely what I need.
  12. Just don't over-do it. I blame my diabetes on my high blood pressure. When I found out I had high BP I went off the salty foods and started with the sweets...then came the diabetes. Just can't win!

    BTW, when my BP was high I also had the headaches and the two together are an indication of Preeclampsia. When my headaches got really bad I went to the ER to get checked out. Make sure you monitor for headaches and blurry vision because those are not good signs.

    Take care and take it easy!
  13. I'm the type who always gets nervous when going to the doctor, too! It doesn't matter for what it is, it could be just to get a prescription, but I still feel nervous & scared that something is wrong with me.

    We have a BPM at home that I took with me to my Dr's appointments to make sure the readings were similar, and my BP was always higher at the doctors office than when I was at home. Crazy, huh? My midwife had me take my BP everyday and email the results to her to make sure that I didn't have a sudden spike or whatever.

    I also agree about the diet thing. I was craving sweets like mad throughout my pregnancy. If it had sugar or chocolate in it, I wanted / needed it!!

    Take care of yourself!!! :biggrin:
  14. Oh, and BTW: my BP was around the same as yours when my midwife started asking me to monitor it, maybe a little bit less, but still in the 140's
  15. Any good ob will be concerned about the rise in your bp. have you gotten the results from your urine test? I know it's hard to do, but the best thing you can do is not stress out too much. Monitor yourself, and if you notice any changes don't hesitate to cal your ob.