High Arches and Wearing Heels

  1. I was reading another thread about very high heels and someone mentioned they couldn't wear a really high heel because they had high arches. Whenever I go shopping, or know I'll be walking most of the day, I wear arch supports in my flats because otherwise my feet start to hurt by the end of the day, even with supportive shoes. I have a few pairs of stilettos, but wear them when I know I can avoid walking. Is it normally more painful to wear heels if you have a high arch?
  2. I have high arches too...with my ballet flats I put in supports which help for the most part..but not for long term walking around...as for wearing heels..it does become more problematic with my high arch because the pumps are inclined and the pressure pushing the foot forward without the arch support makes it a killer! I'm sure there's something out there that can help remedy our prob with stilettos!:idea:
  3. I have high arches too...when you see my wet footprint at the pool it looks like my foot is practically cut in half.

    when I wear heels, I steer clear of super strappy sandals. This is also because my feet are wide and the straps dig in. I stick with elegant pumps or mary janes. with slacks or jeans I wear something that is going to give me support such as a wide toebox midcalf boot or a mule/clog that's cut wide. Ironically, flats are the hardest for me with high arches.
  4. I've been struggling with this problem with a new pair of shoes, but apparently if you bring your shoes to a good shoe repair place, they can put in arches that fit you just right.

    Thought I would share that tip.
  5. I have very high arches also. Probably why I've given up wearing high heels and now live in Danskos.
  6. Me too! :yes:

    In fact, maybe it was my post you saw? As I'm always moaning about it!!! :shame: :lol:

    The problem I have with heels, is that the front of my foot is already at quite a steep angle, so it doesn't take much of a heel to make the incline too extreme to manage.
  7. I have high arches, too. Worked great for ballet but not too great for heels!!

    I just shop around until I find the right heels. Some work and some don't. Anything higher than 3 inches in a no-no.