Hierarchy of handbags does LV rank higher than Gucci?

  1. In the hierarchy of handbags does LV rank higher than Gucci? I love Gucci but, lately after visiting the LV thread I am an admirer and must have one. Beign new I am think I should start with the mono canvas either Speedy 30, Manhattan pm, lockit horizontal or the alma...still trying to narrow it down. My wish list LV would be a black suhali lockit pm but, first I think I need to start with the mono canvas because it is signature LV...how do I choose...I may become an LV gal as well as a Gucci gal....
  2. I honestly think LV ranks around 2nd or 3rd in handbag hierarchy...after Hermes & Chanel. I would put Gucci right below LV.
    There's a great thread in the general handbags & purses part of this forum (if you do a quick search) that discussed this topic at length.
  3. IMO:

  4. Thank you guys...my current Gucci's cost more than the LV's that I am looking at so I wondered if the price makes them more distinguished or the status of the name.
  5. LOL - Am I the only one who finds a "heirarchy of handbags"... just a little funny? No disrespect...because I realize it's true... it's just funny? ;)
  6. most definitely! Gucci items go on sale twice a year and they even have factory outlets.
  7. Yes, I have to say I rank LV higher than Gucci.

  8. your Gucci bag is probably a runway/seasonal piece, the LV bags you're looking at are probably those from the permanent collection. hence the price difference.
  9. Gucci is still a high-end brand in my opinion, but...LV outranks Gucci.
  10. In my heart, it tops Gucci. As for a general handbag heirarchy, pssssh. It's all relative to people.
  11. It's always relative.. but I personally rank it higher. I do lurrrve Gucci though, and definitely plan on adding more ! :yes:
  12. LV are all handmade??? I think Gucci is factory made machines but, not sure. LV is handmade craftmanship I have heard...each piece???Is that possible???
  13. Yes, I agree.

    IMO LV definately outranks Gucci. Although I adore Gucci.

    It might be interesting to post this on the Gucci forum and get their opinion?!
  14. LV isn't all handmade, only Hermes, Tods and Chanel. Some LVs are handmade but not all of them.
  15. Those are my personal rankings for the designers as well! ;)